Monday, May 16, 2016

Various - Live At The Fickle Pickle

Tracks taped in 1963 at the legendary "Fickle Pickle Club" in Chicago. Excellent sound quality for live recordings from that period and not to forget some good music also.
If you want to know who originally recorded the numbers check out this site:

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Anonymous said...

thank you

bluesy ken said...

This album is long sought by me since it has the last of Little Johhny Jones single cuts. He was a fantastic pianist with tampa red and Elmore James. But I am having trouble uploading. How to do ?

DrBlues said...

Hi! The link is leading to another file. Can you repost elsewhere? Thanks

Xyros said...

DRBlues, Fickle Pickle has a new link for you.

Nate Ness Monster said...

Hi, link is expired, can I get this download somewhere else on your blog??