Sunday, November 4, 2012

Big John Wrencher - Maxwell Street Alley Blues

While most blues albums bear romantic-sounding titles like the one used here, this is the real deal. Wrencher's one-armed amplified harp playing is perfectly supported by the lone guitar of Little Buddy Scott and the bar-bones basic drumming of Playboy Vinson. Listing titles is superfluous, since the feel and the ambience is the important thing. But blues albums seldom capture that elusive quality the way it is here, and that's the secret of its charm. Superlative in every regard, this is a great album by a very under-recorded artist. - Cub Koda



Anonymous said...

I was totally unaware of big John until this posting. Truly enjoyed this album. Is it available in CD? Thanks.


Xyros said...

This was ripped from a cd that has been released on various labels but has been dleted for years now. With a bit of luck you might find something on ebay or 2ndhand at Amazon.

Joseph said...

Thank you so very very much...he also did some great harmonica on the LP Robert Nighthawk & Houston Stackhouse - Masters Of Modern Blues...hope you continue to post, this is real blues!

peter said...

Have this for several years and it's a terrific album. There's some terrific work of him on the tripple And this is Maxwell Street (incl Ribert Nighthawk)