Sunday, December 16, 2012

Hot Shot Love

Coy "Hot Shot" Love was a renaissance man, of a kind, in blues: sign-painter, street denizen, and a magician with a harmonica, who liked to adorn his leather jacket and his bicycle, and other personal items with messages regarding his outlook on life. He lived on Gayoso Street in Memphis, an itinerant musician and sometime sign-painter who got his one moment of glory in the recording studio on January 8, 1954, when he entered Sam Phillips' Sun Studios to record "Wolf Call Boogie" b/w "Harmonica Jam," backed by Mose Vinson at the piano, Pat Hare on guitar, Kenneth Banks on bass, and Houston Stokes on the drums. The A-side, of which an outtake exists, is practically a monologue with musical accompaniment, set at a tavern and filled with insults directed at a bartender and wry observations on life and love. The B-side is a duet between Love and Pat Hare, with the former getting the better of the guitar player, vocally and blowing some Sonny Terry-style harp, in a mismatched competition. Love never cut another single for Sun -- accounts suggest he was juggling relationships with as many as seven women at once, indicating that he had better things to do than go into the recording studio -- but "Wolf Call Boogie" is one of the most anthologized of all Sun blues tracks, appearing on numerous compilations from Rhino, Rounder, Charly, and Bear Family, and is regarded, at least in its freewheeling style and raunchy subject matter, as a step forward on the road from country blues to rock & roll. Love survived for decades after his one claim to recorded music legend, and died in a car accident in Interstate 55. ~
Bruce Eder, All Music Guide
Additionally there's a somewhat mysterious 45 by Hot Shot Love, with two
songs on one side and one song on the other:
Hot Shot Boogie Mr. Bo Weevil VB-01-A
Foxchase Boogie Mr. Bo Weevil VB-01-A
Freight Train Blues Mr. Bo Weevil VB-01-B

(I have no details on this 45. It appears to be a rather unprofessionally
done bootleg - the name of the label is stamped on with a rubber stamp.
Neither the release nor the songs are listed in any standard discography
and I don't know when, where, or under what circumstances these were
recorded...) from: Harp-L archives sept. 2000



Marc said...


The harmonica player in the picture is NOT Coy Hot Shot Love,it is James Cotton.
Excellent tracks!

Keep up the good work!


Xyros said...

Thank you for letting me know that the photo was from James Cotton. Thught he looked familiar :-).

Marc said...

Hot Shot Love (vcl,hca) - Steve LaVere's Shop,Memphis, c. mid August 1973

Recorded by George Paulus of Barrelhouse Records
Fee:$ 20

Hot Shot boogie (inst) - Mr. Bo Weevil VB-01
Foxchase boogie - Mr. Bo Weevil VB-01
Freight train blues (Go back home*) - Mr. Bo Weevil VB-01, JSP (E)1063*
Harmonica boogie (inst) - JSP (E)1063*
Unknown inst (unissued)

* 'Harpin' On It' - An Anthology Of Harmonica Blues

Sources:W.Bruyninckx Jazz Discography;Steve LaVere and the WWW.

Xyros said...

Thank you Marc for the info update on the Hot Shot Love single. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Somebody knows who's the guitarist we can hear aside Brother Ray ?...