Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jessie "Guitar" Box - Heart Trouble & Lying Girl

Produced by Calvin C. Brown who also produced "Cummins Prison Farm"by Calvin Leavy. This release by Jessie "Guitar"Box is from 1976 on one of Calvin's own labels.
I couldn't find any info on who Jessie 'Guitar"Box or Harry Dallas Band are on internet except that this 45 sold recently for $33 on eBay. At that price I can think of better records that I'd like to have.
Both sides are good modern blues but nothing special.



teekay said...


this is listed in Blues Records 1943-70 as by "Jesse Guitar Box with Harry Dallas & His Soul Rockers" - recorded Hattiesburg, MS - no date.


Raggedy said...

Great tune. Never heard of these guys before. Thanks.

Xyros said...

Glad both of you liked the 45. Thanks also for the info you had on the 45 Teekay, looks like it was recorded then before 1970 but released in 1976.

More obscure, rare, common and repro's 45's are on their way in the next couple of months.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Jessie "Guitar" Box was a blues singer (and of course guitar player) that was playing regularly in the juke joints of Mississippi, Arkansas and probably other states. I saw him in the late 70's playing as a sideman with Willie Cobbs. I don't know where he is now if he's still alive. I think this Acquarian 45 is his sole record