Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Model "T" Slim - "T" Model Ford & Burnt Out

If you want any info on Elmon Mickle a.k.a Model "T" Slim, Driftin' Slim who brought us Flatfoot Sam, who if I remember was in a jam. Well, it seems my memory has been ruined by to much monkey business as it was T.V. Slim who recorded Flat Foot Sam.
Read the liner notes to the LP that I posted years ago and is still available for downloading.
Photo credit:  Frank Scott



Anonymous said...

you are wrong.

t.v. slim sang "flat foot sam". it was his song.
not driftin' slim.

Xyros said...

and a very stupid mistake on my part ..thank you for the correction.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

None of you are wrong in fact. This is TV Slim who composed and recorded several times "Flatfoot Sam" but Model T Slim aka Driftin Slim aka Elmon Mickle recorded his own version of Flat foot Sam,a great track for Styletone with Phillip Walmer playing lead guitar

Frank said...

The photo you are using was taken by me Frank Scott. Please either take it down or give me credit.

martin said...

Fantastic track, love the harp!

Alexandre Napoli said...

Wow, what a sound! Didn't know about him. Thanks a lot for this gem.