Friday, May 31, 2013

Jimmy Johnson - Don't Answer The Door Part 1 & 2

Blurb removed due to a real balls up on my part ... read the comments from Gerard for the correct info.



Gerard Herzhaft said...

This Jimmy Johnson has nothing to do with the other Jimmy Johnsons, neither the Chicago blues singer, brother of Syl and Mac who has recorded for Delmark nor with the Muscle Shoals session guitarist. This Jimmy Johnson is a West Coast guitarist and bandleader who recorded a string of 45, notably of course the original version of Don't answer the door that B.B. King made his.

Steve626 said...

Thanks very much for posting this. Always enjoyed the B.B. King version and have wanted to hear the original.

Marc said...

Jimmy Johnson was a saxophonist !

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Sorry, Marc, you're right. This West Coast Jimmy Johnson was a sax player. And this is of course Hal Alexander who sings this superb song. Very hard to find, so thanks a lot to Xyros