Thursday, June 20, 2013

Frits's Tape Collection 9 & 10


Boogie Jake - The Boogie Train:

Some more goodies from the tape collection of Frits.


Anonymous said...

thank you
never heard Automobile Blues by Boogie Jake before
hate to ask you but is there a B side
cause that's Little Walter playing
in there

Xyros said...

I've got the single lying around somewhere so I'll post it when it turns up.
Are you sure it's Little Walter as he died in 1968 and the single is from 1977.

Anonymous said...

made a mistake this is Mark Hummel

Gerard Herzhaft said...

It should be noted that it is James Armstrong who wings "Thank God Calley wasn't black" and not Sonny Blake who onky plays the harmonica. Of course, thanks to frits for those quite rare 45s