Thursday, June 20, 2013

West Virginia Slim - Electric Blues Band (Upgrade)

Jimmy Slim is a Virginian born singer (1942), guitarist and harp player named Archie Himons who recorded also in the 60's a blues album for Kent under the moniker of West Virginia Slim. After an almost fatal beating by the Ku Klux Klan in his native Virginia, he moved to Central America where he made a new career playing Reggae and Salsa under different names (Go Ayo, Akigo Haamu). He returned to the USA during the 1990's, setteled in Nashville and led the Afrikan Dreamland band and directed several films for PBS and antiracist shows. Archie was also instrumental in making an official recognition of DeFord Bailey. This is how I came to have a contact with him and that he told me his story. He was playing again the blues (recording an album) when he died in 2011, largely unnoticed by the blues world.
Gerard Herzhaft

1  Only Sixteen  2:27
2  Somebody's Scaring Me  3:01
3  Gonna Tell How It Feels  2:52
4  It Takes Two To Make A Woman Like You  2:50
5  Sweet Home Chicago  3:49
6  Whole Lots Of Lovin’ For Me  3:25
7  You Gonna Be Sorry Baby  2:37
8  My Baby’s Just Like A Freeway  2:59
9  Hey Y’all  4:23
10  I Love You  2:48
11  Tell Me Baby  2:30
12  My Baby’s Mean  4:21

Thanks go to Frits for the upgrade at 320kbs plus scans.



Anonymous said...

Hi, So is Archie Himons and Lucas Johnson the same person as they are both credited for this Album ?

Xyros said...

Coment from Gerard Herzhaft taken from another blog:
The real name of West Virginia Slim was in fact Archie Himons. He has recorded in a vast array of genres from the blues (the West Virginia Electric Blues Band at Kent’s) to the reggae through folk, Country Music and latino (he lived several years in Mexico and Honduras after a severe beating he endured by the Ku Klux Klan in his hometown of Huntington). A true fan of De Ford Bailey, he has been instrumental in gaining recognition of this great harmonica pioneer by the Nashville officials.

And to make life easier he was also known as Lucas Johnson and Jimmy Slim (see 45 posted on blog).

juan manuel muñoz said...

many thanks said...

I recently found this record but it's the United repress without the gatefold. I'm having such a hard time finding more info on the LP! I can't find a photo of the gatefold liner notes. Do you have this record and can you post a high quality photo of the liner notes? Thanks so much for your research!


Xyros said...

@ Joe, sorry I don't have the original LP. Maybe a visitor can help you out with scans.