Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Forrest Cty Joe/Rocky Fuller - Memory Of Sonny Boy

A1 –Forrest City Joe* Special Delivery Man 2:50
A2 –Forrest City Joe* Shady Lane Woman 2:55
A3 –Forrest City Joe* A Woman On Every Street 2:48
A4 –Forrest City Joe* Sawdust Bottom 2:57
A5 –Forrest City Joe* Ash Street Boogie 2:51
A6 –Forrest City Joe* Mean Mistreatin' Woman 2:49
A7 –Forrest City Joe* Lonesome Day Blues 2:52
A8 –Forrest City Joe* Memory Of Sonny Boy 2:47
B1 –Rocky Fuller Soon One Morning 2:51
B2 –Rocky Fuller Rock Me Baby (Come On Baby, Now) 2:40
B3 –Rocky Fuller Under A Neon Sign 2:37
B4 –Rocky Fuller Catch Me A Freight Train 2:38
B5 –Rocky Fuller Looking For The Mail Man 2:47
B6 –Rocky Fuller The Moon Won't Go Down 2:38
B7 –Rocky Fuller Gonna Leave This Town 1:50
B8 –Rocky Fuller Raining And Snowing 2:51



Anonymous said...

RIP Louisiana Red,love you.

John said...

Thanks Xyros, great service