Saturday, September 14, 2013

Blues and Gospel Caravan 1964

I'd like to say that I got to see this show but I was in the wrong place, too young and had never heard of the blues.
Please visit this link for an article from Simon Napier, Jazz Monthly July 1964 about one of the shows.



howstean said...

I remember seeing the show in Sheffield, quite superb. Gary Davis was unbelievable, and Cousin Joe a revelation. He should have toured here, he would have been very popular . Muddy would have been more impressive with a bigger band, but you can't criticize his show. Sister Rosetta Tharpe was loud & flashy & somewhat out of place, but her show was great. The TV show was a fine momento, but it should have been filmed in a dry studio, not a damp railway station.

Slobo said...

It will be great to post it. Slobo