Sunday, December 8, 2013

Johnny Shines and J.B. Hutto Youtube films

For some reason I can't add any comments to the films so I'll do it this way.

Many thanks go to Kurt Hriczucsah for making the films, putting all the work into them so that we can enjoy them. Hope your liver didn't suffer to much with the whisky.

I saw J.B. in Amstelveen in the same period the film was made and I remember it as a great show. J.B. pulled out all the tricks, walking out of the hall, leaping around and always smiling. Nice to see him in an informal setting playing acoustic guitar.

ps If you feel like leaving a comment maybe the best place would be at Youtube so that Kurt can read them.


Kurt Hriczucsah said...

I'm happy to see that you like the films as I do. I had a lot of fun back in the 70s by making them and meet those two beautiful people. It is a big honour for me that they agreed to make these films and I spent a wonderful time with them.

Juanjo said...

Absolutely cool, I agree 100% Thakn you Kurt!

Steve626 said...

Thanks for the JB Hutto film. Brings back memories of seeing him in the early 1970's in the basement of a church -- with full band. He was tough, raw and beautiful in his funky hat.

HM said...

Thank you Kurt. And maybe you can contribute more from your awsome collection to this blog.

Anonymous said...

what a fantastic blog- a real fan treasure!


Anonymous said...

Have you the "Living Chicago Blues Vol. 5" record?
Can you upload it?
Thank you. Great blog.