Friday, January 31, 2014

Frits's Tapes numbers 33 and 34

Tape 33:

Tape 34:


Gyro1966 said...

Thanks for Frits's tapes. If people are passing it by because it looks unexciting and lacks artwork, then they are missing out on superb and rare blues. The tagging part is tedious, but I wouldn't spend the time tagging if the music was mediocre. It's such a cool series, yet I feel like not enough are paying attention. If you want me to, I could feature some of this series fully tagged on Twilightzone and give you full credit, of course. Perhaps even draw up covers, if needed. But thanks again, I really enjoy it.

Xyros said...

I don't know if the series is been passed by as it has a loyal number of 200-250 d/ler's. But I'm pretty sure that Frits won't mind you re-posting with tags and a cover on Twilightzone which is an excellent blog for the series.
Good luck with it.

Anonymous said...

With regard to "people passing these by" may I take the opportunity to say thank you. I sometimes feel that the material is somewhat of a mixed bag, BUT ALWAYS worth the time to a considered listen. Once again thanks to Frits and all those that make these things happen.