Sunday, March 8, 2015

Various - Blues Is Here To Stay

Collection of singles released on the Styletone label in the 60's to early 70's from Model T Slim, Ironing Board Sam and Little Boyd. Some interesting tracks from Ironing Board who is a bit of a cult blues musician, the usual from Model T.
Released in 1973.


Blues Is Here To Stay !!
Oldies But Goodies ..!
The Best Of Model T Slim, Little Boyd, Ironing Board Sam

Model T Slim
- Somebody Done Voodo That Hoodo Man
Little Boyd
- 13 Highway [Styletone 395] #
Ironing Board Sam
- I've Been Used
Model T Slim
- 15 Years My Love Was In Vain
Little Boyd
- Harmonica Crying In The Chappel [] [Styletone unissued] #

Ironing Board Sam
- Non Support That What The Judge Say
Model T Slim
- Flatfoot Sam Always In A Jam [tk. 1]
Little Boyd
- Bad Man [sic] Don't Live Too Long [Styletone 400] #
Model T Slim
- Oh Babe [faded early]

Thank you goes to Stefan Wirz.


Anonymous said...

thank you!!nice album.

Alan Balfour said...

The LP sleeve designer really had some very odd ideas about layout & design. The track listing on the cover bears no relation to its order of play. Thankfully correct on labels. It's a weighty piece of vinyl too! (grin)

PS I hate your validation system. It's taken me 5 goes before I came across one that was readable.

Bob Mac said...

This one brings back memories, I got my copy of the LP from the Australian Blues Society in 1973.

If my memory serves me well it's some sort of home-made session slapped together by one of the artists.

Bob Mac

Xyros said...

It was also released with 'Ground Hog Blues Co. " printed on the cover instead of Styletone and another version with a blue insert cover.

@Alan Balfour, I've turned off the validation control but if there is to much spam it comes back on again.
As I can't find my lp I've added the track listing from Stefan Wirz's site.

john said...

Thank you. great rare blues.

leroyslim said...

Thanks! This is a great LP to listen to.