Friday, May 2, 2014

Frits's Tapes nr. 43 and 44

Tape 43:

Tape 44:

Once again our thanks go to thanks Frits.


Pierre Monnery said...

I really enjoy the Frit's tapes.

Salty Holmes was a white country musician ( Salty,not Sally )

The Big Mama Thorton sixties singles would be a great post,along with the Cinco's on TALENT 104!

Congratulations for your work. regards.

Anonymous said...

Love the Algia Mae Hinton tracks. They have left me wanting to hear more of her stuff. Tried search engine and found nothing. Thanks,zdtch

MarcD said...

More Algia Mae Hinton

Xyros said...

Thank you MarcD for the link. My advise is to use the "Uploaded" link as the other option is in Russian. D/l will take about 40 minutes.

marc(fr) said...

i discovered the Algia Mae Hinton album first here :

they give Zippy links for their posts , here's the one for Algia Mae Hinton :

many thanks for Frits's Tapes : a real pleasure !