Saturday, April 22, 2017

Frits's Tapes Number 93 & 94

Tape 93:

Tape 94:

Doug Sahm ?????


MarcD said...

Re:Doug Sahm?????

Nov 13, 1961 - Doug Sahm - Crazy, Crazy Feeling / Baby What's On Your Mind (Renner RR - 215) [US]

There is also a DJ promo on red vinyl.

1961 - 1962 or later (?) - Reissued as Doug Sahm & The Spirits (Personality 3504) [US]

Note:Joey Long possibly on guitar.

Fernando Toral said...

Is this the same Buddy Scott that recorded thealbum 'Bad Avenue' and four cuts for the Living Chicago Blues series as leader of Scotty & The Rib Tips?

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Yes of course Buddy Scott is THE Buddy Scott, Kenneth "Buddy" Scott who was a mainstay of the Chicago blues with his family band, The Rib-Tips for several decades. But Scotty and the Oasis band are a different band with Purvis Scott, vcl and bass; ; Jimmy Dawkins, g; Hip Linkchain, g; Dan Scott, g; Joe Barr, kbds; George Moss, dms. Evanston, Ill. 1982

MarcD said...

@ Fernando Toral

Yes,he is

Fernando Toral said...

Thanks for your answer and your work on ripping these hard-to-find songs, Gerard!

clash said...

Big thanks for this re-upping!