Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hartmuts Singles 14

01 - Fritz, Joe - Honey, Honey - Peacock 5-1627:

Corrected Complete Post:

Thanks to Clash for pointing out that Track 1 was "silent".  If you have already d/led Singles 14 all you have to do is d/l the first link and replace the tracks.


Anonymous said...

maybe I'm a little late to tell you this, but for some reason track 01 (the Fritz Joe - Honey, Honey. I figured out the other one is track 07) is blank. No music.

Xyros said...

Didn't spot that mistake when I re-tagged the files. This is track 7 as far as I can see: 01 - Gene the Hat - Jelly Beans - Walden 101 and not track 1

Anonymous said...

Not what I meant, exactly. I meant that I figured out that Gene The Hat - Jelly Beans was Track 07. No problem there.

I meant that 01 - Fritz, Joe - Honey, Honey - Peacock 5-1627 is about 6mb in size, and it does not play- there is no music!

I really don't mean to be a pest about it...

Xyros said...

Now I see what you mean. I've asked Hartmut if he can rip the single again or check his original copy.
If and when I have a corrected version I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

thank you much!

Steven said...

x -

as this incredible series has been wrapped up, i thought i'd fill in the few i am missing.

re-up, please?

and thank you for all you do.