Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Lonnie Johnson - Complete Recorded Works 1925-1932 In Chronological Order Vol. 1-7

vol. 1:
vol. 2:
vol. 3:
vol. 4:
vol. 5:
vol. 6:
vol. 7:

NMR with only the front covers included.
Thank you to everyone who provided links to full cover scans in the comments section.


Skinnymon said...

much appreciated and thanks! I've been picking up the later material by Lonnie in recent weeks. I remember I was going to download this once a long time ago but the blog (Show Me The Way Home, maybe?) closed. Thanks again.

daba said...

Thank you looking forward to this. Dave

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this lot Xyros. I doubt if I'm ever going to sit down and wade through all 7 volumes but it's certainly good to have for completeness and research purposes.

Xyros said...

Glad you all liked the Lonnie Johnson cd's. I also doubt very much if I'll get around to listening to them all but I might skim through them.
If anyone has the complete cd covers with info that would be greatly appreciated by evreyone.

Dodoking said...

Here's the cover art for the Lonnie Johnson discs (not my scans though):

Skinnymon said...

Yes, I learned that multi-disc sets of this variety are pretty tedious after I tried listening to a complete Blind Lemon Jefferson collection. Nice to know for knowledge's sake, but tedious. Bits and pieces are better.

You can get the front covers with all but the Vol. 3 rear (or back, or tray, whatever you want to call it) with the AllMusic reviews. The rear sides also are a new feature they've added. [Just in case someone doesn't know how: right click, save image as]

Thanks again. Now to find the 1937-1947 3 disc set.

Not Charley Jordan said...

Here's a link to the full covers -- many thanks for all the great posts!

George said...

This is a brilliant post indeed! I love Lonnie Johnson and have never run into a complete collection of his work until now.

Lou Cypher said...

Thank you so much for this great set! I WILL listen to all, just maybe not all in a row. LOL
Oh, and thanks for the artwork too, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Setlists for each volume: