Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


4th December: Muddyw1213 - Freddy King ‎– It's Too Bad Things Are Going so Tough on Python Records ‎– PLP KM 5

21st January: David: Va -"Times Are So Tight" LP on Swingtime
"Blues In The Thirties" LP on Japanese MCA, or the Japanese P-Vine LP "Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues"?

5th February: MapleBlues -Black Wich-a-Way Rhythm - Early Rockin Rhythm & Blues – Various Artist

9th February: Ricardo M - Benny Spellman compilation on Bandy Records called "Benny Spellman"

l9th March: Ballas -The Great Hudson River Revival Volume I" on Flying Fish

10th March: KingPossum - Zoo Bar recordings by Magic Slim

19th March: Gerard Herzhaft - Chick Rodgers: Essentially yours.... (JP cd release)


Hartmut said...

@Ballas: Thank you so much.

Ballas said...

Glad I could help.

Jeff Peters said...

This may be a tough one: "Ridin' In An Old Model T: Toddles, Wobbles, Rags & Blues" (County Records ‎548). This has lots of pre-war country and country blues, but I am especially interested in hearing a song called "Tennessee River Bottom Blues."

Ballas said...

Does anyone have the album "Ann Arbor Blues & Jazz Festival 1973" on P-Vine PCD 4782/83 that they are willing to share. I would be very grateful.

KansasJoe said...

@Albert: If it is ok with Xyros, I am glad to rip the Eddie Shaw lp.

Xyros said...

@ KansasJoe, no problem with the Eddie Shaw Lp. Look forward to recieving it.

Jon Green said...

Jeff Peters,

Here is Tennessee River Bottom Blues....

Anonymous said...

Can you repost the Magpie "Piano Blues" LPs? The original links from 2013 are now inactive.


Xyros said...

I'll try and repost the Magpies in the next 2 weeks but I can't they will be posted in October/November.

Anonymous said...

I've been finding it very hard to find Ma Rainay's music. I have Yazoo 1071 and a few other tracks on compilations, I would love to hear more. Is anyone willing to share the her Complete Rec. Works on Document, or The Ma Rainey Story on Rarities (or any Ma Rainey!). It would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous: The Complete (even with alternate takes) work of Ma Rainey is easily available on a 5CD set (plus booklet and disco) at a very fair price on

Chris W said...

Ida Goodson please! I would love to have 'Ida Goodson ‎– Pensacola Piano'
(Florida Folklife Program ‎– LP104) in FLAC or even mp3 format if possible please. I fell in love with this incredible women when I first saw the 1989 film 'Wild Women Don't Have The Blues'.

Marineband said...

@Jeff Peters Thank you for the Walter Davis!

rm said...

Any idea how to find these records from swamp blues pioneer Mushmouth Robinson?

Boogie Boo Blues - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 105 - 1945-01-09; Composer: Robinson; matrix: C6; control: (NYC); ~3 min
I Got The Blues - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 104B - 1945-01-09; matrix: C8; control: (NYC); ~3 min
I'm Hip To These Women - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 105 - 1945-01-09; Composer: Robinson; matrix: C7; control: (NYC); ~3 min
Let's Get Some - BLACK AND WHITE (1940s) - 104A - 1945-01-09; matrix: C5; control: (NYC); ~3 min

kingpossum said...

Larry Davis: I Ain't Beggin' Nobody

A great 80's release from this woefully under-recorded bluesman.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Would anyone have a copy in any form of any Knowles (a Gospel Detroit record label) LP and 45s, particularly Knowles LP 1.000.000?? Thanks

kingpossum said...

Hearty thanks for the Larry Davis post. May your days be filled with good things always.

serapion said...

please do try document records for anything pre-war -
I see that for lack of sales they have gone over to strictly mp3 other than for residual stock, which might not be much since they had a rush on the CDs still in print with them when they made the announcement.
They love blues as much as you do !!!!
Do not diddle the company who made every pre-1943 blues record known about available

teekay said...

'@ Chris W - copy Pensacola Piano (mp3) can be downloaded at Florida Folklife website

Maple Blues said...

looking for any of James Harman with Icehouse Blues Band
i believe there is 4 of them not sure the titles from early 70ies

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a fan of Bob Riedy but can't find his records anymore.
I was looking for
would be very nice and kind if you could help out
Big B

Maple Blues said...

looking for J.B. Lenoir: Mojo Boogie - The Tay May Club" thnks!

BDaD said...

@Maple Blues
J.B. Lenoir - Mojo Boogie - The Tay May Club

m said...

Maple B

Hartmut said...

@Gerard; thank you for the George Smith title I was looking for.

Bob Mac said...

@ Big B: One of the blues blogs posted a bunch of Bob Riedy albums recently, within the past couple of months, but now I can't remember which one it was. Anyway, Bob Riedy albums are still getting around. I suggest you post a request in the basement at HGR, and The Demon's Lair over at Blue Dragon.

drizzz said...

This is old style jazz rather than blues but I'd appreciate a rip of the old LP 33 TOURS - JAZZ O MANIACS - HORSE FEATHERS - POLYDOR PRIVILEGE 658121. This is French band, the record came out in 1968. Only copies I can find on the net go for big $$$. Thank you!

Pablow said...

"Blind Connie Williams-Philadelphia Street Singer- Traditional Blues, Spirituals And Folksongs"(would be very much appreciated!) BTW still after "Harmonica Frank Floyd's ‎– Blues That Made The Roosters Dance" made a request sometime years ago (but never eventuated up on the list??) anyways, much love from down under! Kris

muddyw123 said...

Can anyone help me with: Freddy King ‎– It's Too Bad Things Are Going so Tough on Python Records ‎– PLP KM 5. Tx in advance. Muddyw123

Marcfr said...

for Pablow :
Blind Connie Williams - Philadelphia Street Singer

Xyros said...

Thank you Marcfr for sharing the lp.

Pablow said...

Bless you Marc!

Maple Blues said...

looking for

Bobby Little and

The Counts of Rhythm

Delta Blues and Jazz

thnks for any help with this one

Pépé said...

@ teekay
Rev. Robert WILKINS – Memphis gospel singer [192]

Pépé said...

I’m looking for The post war blues vol4 – Texas (pwb4)
If anyone could help, thanks in advance.

B flat said...

Hello friend, Do you happen to have Carey & Lurrie Bell - Son of a Gun (Rooster Blues). To my knowledge this LP was made available on CD in Japan only. Appreciate it.

Steve626 said...

I"m looking for Doctor Clayton's 1946 recordings - I think there's 8 of them - several are included on the following compilations: Gotta Find My Baby, Doctor Clayton & His Buddies Complete Recordings 1946-47 or Angels in Harlem. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Pépé said...

@ David
Blues Guitar Killers Detroit 1950's –Barrelhouse [320]
Not my rip

Pépé said...

@ Steve 626 :
DOCTOR CLAYTON & HIS BUDDY - pearl harbour
Tracks 4 to 8 = 1946

Anonymous said...

Pépé, thanks much!

So does anyone have "Times Are So Tight" on Swingtime?


Anonymous said...

also, does anyone have the "Blues In The Thirties" LP on Japanese MCA, or the Japanese P-VIne LP "Johnnie Temple: Lead Pencil Blues"?


MapleBlues said...

anyone has a good rip of
Black Wich-a-Way Rhythm - Early Rockin Rhythm & Blues – Various Artists ?

Jeff Peters said...

Here are two I'd like to hear:

Dorothy and George Jackson, "Old Time Spirituals With Piano & Delta Slide Guitar" (Amblin)

George Jackson, "Sweet Down Home Delta Blues" (Amblin)

Does anyone have these?

BDaD said...

@Jeff Peters
George Jackson, "Sweet Down Home Delta Blues" (Amblin)

Ricardo M said...

Hi everybody. I'm looking for

Errol Dixon "Blues in the pot"


Benny Spellman compilation on Bandy Records called "Benny Spellman" (

Any help would be much appreciated.


Tom Thumb said...

Can somebody please help with some late JOB 45s?
Otis Spann 1110, 1111
Eddie King 1122 (Lonely Man)
Ernest Cotton 1125
Willie Cobbs 1127
Regards & many thanks

kingpossum said...

Having a heck of time trying to find the Zoo Bar recordings by Magic Slim. Any help appreciated and may the mp3 gods smile on you always.

Nappyrags said... looking for a 45 by Bee Houston that through the years has escaped the collection...

Bee Houston - Joliet Records
Have A Heart b/w
Ten Years To Life

Thanks in advance to anyone who may have this

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Nappyrags; I've just uploaded the Bee Houston Joliet 45 you're looking for.
Here it is:

MapleBlues said...

looking for
Blind Joe Hill One-Man-Blues-Band:
First Chance 1983 I believe
thnks for any help !

Nappyrags said...

Muchisimos Thanks've made my day!

Gerard Herzhaft said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maple Blues said...

looking for Luke 'Long Gone Miles Country Born 1964 (World Pacific)
thnks !

Anonymous said...

Tom Thumb here's 6 of the 10 J.O.B. songs.
Didn't have 1110 or 1127


Gerard Herzhaft said...

Tom Thumb, here is the Willie Cobbs JOB 45 you're looking for:

Tom Thumb said...

To Anonymous & Gerard,
many thanks for your help on the JOB 45s.
Sorry to say that Eddie King on JOB 1122
was the wrong issue, so I'm still searching
for the repressing (?) with "Shakin' Inside /
I'm A Lonely Man".
Neverthelee, thanks again

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Tom Thumn: Here is Eddie King "Shakin' inside" you're looking for:

KansasJoe said...

@Gerard: Do you happen to have '(I'm a) lonely man' as well? That is the track I am missing.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Kansas Joe: Sorry I didn't understand. Unfortunately I don't have "Lonely man", the only Eddie King early title that I do not have.

Marcfr said...

@ Kansas Joe : there is a Eddie King - Lonely man (J.O.B. 1122) in Frits's Tapes - Vol 57/58 :

Thanks for all your great posts !

BluesDude said...

@Kansas Joe, here is: ''Eddie King - Lonely man''
I think it was orihginally from Frits's 45's Collection, which was shared here some time ago, so thanks for that.

KansasJoe said...

@Marcfr & Gerard: Thank you. That's why I couldn't find it on my hard disc. And thank you to both of you for all the great black blues you upload.

Tom Thumb said...

Finally it's done:(Eddie King - Lonely Man)
Many thanks to all the kind people like
Gerard, Kansas Joe, marcfr etc. for their help!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Looking for: The Carter Brothers - 'Blues On Tour' or 'Encore!'.
Thanx-in-advance - B.U.

kristophermc28 said...

Curious if anybody has this one:

I've been trying to fill in the blanks on my Paul Oscher(aka Brooklyn Slim) collection, and this one popped up during a search.

Honestly, any pre-CD era albums would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Mike Russo (Arhoolie Records ‎– 4003, 1969)

bookseller 64 said...

looking for little brother montgomery little brother lp aves 0059-012

Anonymous said...

Python Records :
Muddy Waters - Rare Live Recordings Volume 3 (Black Bear 903)

j.b. lenoir (python plp 25)

Thanks for help

Xyros said...

Both Muddy Waters - Rare Live Recordings Volume 3 (Black Bear 903) and j.b. lenoir (python plp 25) now have new links. look for them under the label 'limited editions"

BobCat said...

bookseller 64 -
The Little Brother Montgomery Aves/Columbia LP has been reissued on this Lake CD (minus one take of Farish Street Jive):

The whole LP is on YouTube - thanks to Stefan Wirz!

Alex said...

Have been looking for the following, Little Willie Davis And His Zydeco Hitchhikers BH LP.
Hope someone can help, Thanks

Xyros said...

@ Alex, visit Blue Dragon, , and ask if it could be reposted for you.

Anonymous said...

First, I would like to thank you for everything you do. Is it possible to have new links for :

==> Bluesland & Neshoba (Lets go down south & Bluisland)
Link here :

==> Highway 51 (Blues People H 102 & I'm Your Country Man H 104)
Link here :

==> Sunnyland (Vintage Muddy Waters & Chicago Anthologiy & Gulf Coast Blues)
Link here :

==> The Post War Blues Limited Editions (All cities)
Link here :


Blue DeVille said...

@Bookseller 64:
you can request a reup of the lake CD BobCat is talking about on my blog Blue Dragon.
But Alex and Bookseller 64, you'll have to register first via the box top left on blog..

@Xyros: Thank you for pointing Alex to our blog, very much appreciated !

Xyros said...

@ Anonymous, I'll see what I can do about the reposting the UK limited editions over the coming weeks.

Pépé said...

Found on the net :

The one missing in Post War Blues limited edition
Vol 4 : TEXAS

Xyros said...

2 Pepe, many thanks for the link to PWB 4. Been looking for it for some time now.
This weekend I'll be reposting all the PWB's together with PWB 4.

Dr Oyster said...

Hello ! i'm searching for JC Burris's "Long way by myself" .

Pépé said...

@ Xyros
I found PWB4 on