Sunday, June 17, 2018

Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.
Please do not request new or easy to find CD's as they will not be posted here.


January 11th:Run Free Biggles! said...
Hello all!
requests Little Buddy Doyle - memphis Harp & jug Blowers (1927-1939)

January 19th: albert: I'm searching for Jimmy
Rogers & Left hand Frank-live on Jsp

January 21st: daniel777 said...
I am looking for the following albums
Al Rapone - Troubled Woman
Big Maybelle - Shoutin' The Blues (see comments)
Blue Lu Barker - Live at New Orleans Jazz Festival
Champion Jack Dupree - Bad Luck Blues
Sonny Terry And Brownie McGhee - The Rising Sun Collection

February 7th: Luis Lisboa -
Harmonica Blues 1929 - 1940 (Wolf Records WSE106).
Harps, Jugs, Washboards and Kazoos (RST Records JPCD-1505-2


Brian Pounders said...

@Gerard Herzhaft

Here you are brother.
Big Band Jazz_ Tulsa To Harlem

Xyros, Thank you for hosting such a wonderful forum!

Yoda Inside said...

Seeking a few Junior Kimbrough albums that I'm finding hard to track down:
Do The rump (high water)
Sad days, lonely nights (p-vine)
most things haven't worked out (fat possum)

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Brian Pounders: Thanks a lot! It fills a gap in my Ernie Fields collection. Hope to find theJimmy Grissom Argo LP (with no other than M.T. Murphy on lead guitar) one day!

Bob Mac said...

@Gerard. There are a couple Jimmy Grissom tracks on YouTube.

muddyw123 said...

@Anonymous Mannfred Woman I think I can help you out with Jaydee Jelly Jaw Short. It'll be after this weekend though. Monday afternoon probably!

BluesDude said...

Jimmy Grissom - World of Trouble

Jean-Jacques MURA said...

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for "River Town Blues" (Big Lucky Carter, Big Amos Patterson, Don Hines). If somebody can help...Thanks.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

I had it but can't find it anymore... Would anyone have the LP or the CD going along the famous Paul Oliver's book "Conversation with the blues". I am particularly looking for the two Alex Moore tracks. Also a re-up of the 77 Alex Moore's LP would be great (I am not sure what tracks are not (if any) on the Arhoolie CD). Thanks.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Blues Dude: Wonderful. Thank you very much. This album is extremely hard to get!

muddyw123 said...

I Shouted too loud too soon Mannfred Woman, can only help you with the first one. St. Louis Country Blues (1929-1937) (Document) J.D. Short
Not my rip, so my gratitude goes to the original uploader
Expires 2017-10-16

Bob Mac said...

Thanks BluesDude for Jimmy Grissom - World of Trouble. I'll happily take a copy too.

Xyros said...

@ Gerard Herzhaft, the Alex Moore and Conversation LP will be posted soon.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thank you Xyros! Your blog is the place to ask for having any help!

Ballas said...

Hi Gerard. I have both LP and CD of Paul Oliver's Conversation with the blues. I can upload this on Wednesday afternoon.

Xyros said...

@ Ballas, your rip of the Conversation LP/CD would be greatly appreciated. My copy is from unknown origins and has no cover scans.

monsieur jujube said...

To HarryHarmonica51 @Ballas
thanks for all your work & post!
I 'll be interested to the Ann Arbour Blues & Jazz Festival 1973, 4cd @ 320 SKR 2101, 2102,2103,& 2104. I've not seen this post?

Ballas said...

Conversation with the blues LP
Conversation with the BLues CD

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Ballas: Thank you very much!

Skinnymon said...

I also would like to thank Ballas. I was not aware until looking up the available information on the Conversations LP and CD that Paul Oliver passed away in August of this year.

Blues Hoarder said...

Those document CDs are great! I might request a few more
Field recordings - Vol 6 - Texas Blues 1933-1958 DOCD-5580
Field Recordings - vol 7 - Florida 1935-1936 DOCD-5587
Texas: Black country Dance Music DOCD-5162
thank you in advance

muddyw123 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Skinnymon said...

@ Blues Hoarder
The first two requests are interesting to me, the Texas: Black Country Dance Music WAS available through Marc Fr.'s Real Blues CD blog, but the "Zippyshare Flu Bug"- now bedeviling Twilight Zone- has deleted all his links until he returns from his time off, and he can figure out a way around the problem. (Which we hope will be soon!) I have it, and might try to upload, but my ISP connection times out too much on even small upload lately, unless someone else here has it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Blues Hoarder

Texas: Black country Dance Music DOCD-5162

Ballas said...

I'm looking for an album LRC CDC 9015 called "Muddy Waters" which was recorded at the Nice Jazz Festival in 1977. I have searched high and low for a commercial copy to buy but without any luck. I would be delighted if anyone could help me.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Ballas. Muddy and his band appeared twice during the Nice Jazz Festival 1977, one show in June, the other in July. Jazz greats like Clark terry and Dizzy Gillespie insisted to jam with Muddy and his band! Great shows. The tapes from those shows have been scattered through several LP (legitimate) and CD (bootleg). Here are the two shows (or whatever was recorded and kept at that time). I have the music coming from the source but not the LP & CDs, so you just have the music. Hope you'll like it anyway.

Ballas said...

Hi Gerard. Thank you very much for the tracks from Nice. I wonder if you were there!
You are right about the difference between the music that appeared on various albums and that which obviously was actually played at the time - very confusing for a collector like me. Three sessions appear in Ford & McGrath - one on 9th July, and two in July 1977. I was not aware therefore of the session in June 1977, especially the track with Clark Terry!
Thank you again and as always you are an inspiration.

David said...

Anyone have these?

'Times Are So Tight' on Swingtime (1989)
'Blues in the Twenties' on Japanese MCA (1976)
'Blues in the Thirties' on Japanese MCA (1976)
'Blues 1927-46' Japanese RCA (1994)
Clifford Gibson 'Tired Of Being Mistreated' Japanese P-Vine (1998)


philo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Ballas. It was a pleasure to be able to help with those Muddy concerts. Yes at that time I was following those great bluesmen as possible as I could!

Xyros said...

@ philo, thank you for your info on the delation of links recently. Makes interesting reading and could be something to it. I did a quick search on some of the names/info mentioned and it seems to check out. There are only 2 points that bother me and they are the theory is put forward by someone "Anonymous", not really that important. 2nd is that Zippy sent no warning or explanation to the poster and only did so after been asked. My experience with DMCA is that I received a notice that the file was removed due copyright infringement or in 1 case all my files were deleted in one go and then I received a warning. Maybe Zippy can't be bothered to send the DMCA notice to the poster which I believe they must do.

Skinnymon said...

Without quoting as Philo did (though "anonymous" in his quote was only replying to what a named poster had reported that Zippyshare had replied when he requested an explanation for his deleted links), this item was brought up previously at the same blog:

The PDF file mentioned in the article is downloadable and specifically targets Zippyshare. While what Philo mentioned is not out of the range of possibility. It is more likely that Zippyshare may be engaged in a time honored tradition known as CYA. (cover your ass)

The lessons of Megaupload are not that long forgotten, are they?

daniel777 said...

I am looking for the following albums Dan Burley - South Side Shake; Deacon John Moore - Singer of Song; Errol Linton - Roots Stew; Floyd McDaniel - Switchin'In The Kitchen; Rockin'Tabby Thomas - Louisiana Woman; Louisiana Red - Last Mohican Of The Blues

BluesDude said...

John Jackson - Step it up and go & Deep in the bottom

BluesDude said...

@Gerard, I am happy, when I can give something back, because you give so much to others. :)

Ballas said...

I'm looking for Muddy Waters - In Concert on Charly CDCD 1257 (1995). It has the following tracks:
1. Hoochie Coochie Man
2. My Home Is On The Delta
3. You Don't Have To Go
4. Messin' With The Kid
5. Come On In This House
6. Love Have Mercy
7. Buddy's Blow
8. Out Of Sught
9. Stormy Monday Blues
10. Junior's Wall

I would appreciate a copy of this if someone is willing to share it. Seems impossible to find a commercial copy.

Yoda Inside said...

wow. get them while they're hot! loving all these albums
can i also request:
Louisiana Red - the low down backporch blues {collectables}
Lovie Lee - Good Candy {earwig}
thanks if can help
i requested these in Exystence and they banned me. typical heh.

lapiedra52 said...

These are flac files for the 1988 french Vogue version of Louisiana Red - The low down backporch Blues. It has two more tracks than the Collectables version

Take care,

lapiedra52 said...

Today I notice that the requested Floyd McDaniel album is really under the name of Dave Clark' Blues Swingers featuring him on guitar. So here you'll find out the links for flac files of this nice 2003 album:

See ya,

daniel777 said...

Thanks a lot, Lapiedra52 for the Floyd McDaniel


OZ Bob said...

Has this been posted before? if so, i cant find it :)

Cajun Spice Rub said...

okay I don't normally see a lot of Zydeco/Cajun here so i'll request a few
Any albums by Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Cha's
especially from Rounder label
Follow me chicken
Your Mama Don't know
Steady Rock
cheers all

Pépé said...

Noy my rip (of course)
some cold rainy day

Blues anthology vol. 4 - more from chicago

Sultans of the slide guitar

Agaboo Dummo said...

one Little Milton album i can't seem to find:
Little Milton - complete checker hit singles (connoiseur vsop 351)
It gets good reviews, so hopefully I'll get to hear it one day

Pépé said...

I found another one : Oakland blues (Word Pacific Rec. WPS 21893)

Thanks to « Dont ask me….. »

Chocolate stout said...

Hey everybody. a few things you may be able to help out with?
Big Walter Horton with Carey Bell - mouth harp meastro
Big Walter Horton - Harmonica Blues kings
Paul Jones - Mule (Fat Possum)

Marnie said...

Looking for an illusive Ivory Joe Hunter compilation:
Blues At Sunrise (2cd)

Anonymous said...

my guess is this?
unless an earlier vinyl/twofer?

Pépé said...


Carey Bell - mouth harp meastro [320] not my rip

You can find in blog
Big Walter Horton with Carey Bell

Gerard Herzhaft said...

I'm looking with no success insofar to some very rare Robert Pete Williams's early recordings:
- some tracks from RP Williams: Those prison blues (on Folk Lyric or 77 not the Arhoolie LP/CD. A couple of tracks have not been reissued anywhere)
- Robert Pete Williams: Letter from the penitentiary I & II (Ama 45 503): the only copy available is at 500$!!!

Zivoin said...

Looking for
Louisiana Red - Anti Nuclear Blues (L&R LP)

Thanks in advance

Pépé said...

VA - Real Blues From New Orleans [320]
Bandy Records 70009

Harmoniker said...

I appreciate all you do to bring these rarities back to our ears!
A few requests today

Eric said...

Love to see some Tabby Thomas love. For a few years I was a regular at his Blues Box in BRLA--too much fun

Xyros said...

@ Eric, there're several tabby Thomas lp's on the blog (deadlinks?). If you need them drop me a comment.

Yeah but nah but said...

Silly season approaching, some requests too!
Mark Hummel - heart of chicago (Tone-Cool)
Lester Davenport - I smell a rat (delmark)
STeve James - Art and grit (Discovery/Antoines)
Living country Blues 3cd (Evidence)

Sgt Splode said...

Two requests please
Rory Block - Hard luck child - Tribute to skip James
Sam Mitchell - Art of bottleneck slide guitar

Brian Pounders said...

@ Sgt Splode

Rory Block - Hard Luck Child

Brian Pounders said...

@Sgt Splode
Sam Mitchell - Art Of Bottleneck Slide Guitar

Olde Timey said...

Looking for
Dan Burley - South Side Shake / Circle Blues Session
Michael Coleman - Do your thing!

Xyros said...

@ Brian Pounders, many thanks for filling the 2 requests.

Maple Blues said...

Dec 31/`7
anyone seen this one?
V.A. Chess Rockabillies Volume One - Just Go Wild Over Rock & Roll
thnks !

Sgt Splode said...

Hello all, thanks for the last two albums... great listening over the break. wanted album today:
KC Douglas: any album from Prestige Bluesville
I believe these are his best, a friend told me, not sure how rare though

B flat said...

I am looking for Grady Gaines - Full Gain on Black Top Records. Thanks much!

Steve626 said...

@ Harmoniker

Here's the Doctor Clayton you asked for. Great stuff - enjoy!

Doctor Clayton - Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order - Vol.1 _ 1935 - 1942 @320

Pépé said...

@Sgt Splode

[320] Not my rip


Run Free Biggles! said...

Hello all!
requests Little Buddy Doyle - memphis Harp & jug Blowers (1927-1939)
Skip James - Skip's piano blues
Eddy Clearwater - chicago daily blues
another note, i saw that Steve James Art & grit on emule, ill try to download it and upload here

lapiedra52 said...

Link for Grady Gaines - Full Gain on Black Top Records, 320 mp3. Sorry not lossless this time.

Take care,

B flat said...

Lapedra52, thanks so much for the instant service. 320 mp3 is fine!

Pépé said...

@ Run Free Biggles!
[320] not my rip
Skip James - Skip's piano blues

Ioanna Mprg said...

excellent blog by the way
could you please reupload
Arbee Stidham - There's always tomorrow (1973)

thank you in advance

Kostas K.

Anonymous said...

Hello! Have you this great album : Jay Leonhart With Joe Beck - 'There's Gonna Be Trouble' (1984) Thanks!

muddyw123 said...

A nice small bootleg:
Various - Blues Jam Sessions In Chicago Blues Clubs 2000 -2010.rar
Expires on 28th January 2018

bdada said...

Hello-would anyone have a lossless copy of "The Thing at the Nursery Room Window" by Peter Lang? Thank you-

lapiedra52 said...

V.A. - St. Louis Blues Today Vol.2 (1998) flac
Big Bad Smitty

Take care,

bdada said...

I'd also be pleased with a decent MP3 of "The Thing at the Nursery Room Window" if possible. Thanks-

lapiedra52 said...

Hi, Xyros. There's no Big Maybelle album called Shouthin' The Blues. That must make reference to a canadian vsrious artist compilation with that title wich includes the Big Maybelle's song "I Won`t Cry Anymore".

Taht song comes from the 1965 album The Soul of Big Maybelle released on Scepter Records. This album is one of a few Big Maybelle's album that I dont have, so, it's time to ask people about it.

Please, post
Big Maybelle - 1965 - The Soul of Big Maybelle (Scepter Records)

Thanks in advance,

lapiedra52 said...

Eddy Clearwater - Chicago Daily Blues (flac) links

BluesDude said...

I could only find this one, the bitrate is not really good, but those tracks an others seems to be also on a compilation by "Charly R&B Masters" called "Big Maybelle - Maybelle sings the Blues".
Anyway, here "Big Maybelle - The Soul of Big Maybell"

Sinister footwear said...


Goodfella said...

Pee Wee Crayton - Early Hour Blues (1983-4) please

KansasJoe said...

Yes, the cd "Big Maybelle - sings the blues" has all the tracks of the lp above. I could send it at 320 and scan the booklet from my cd.

Xyros said...

@ KansasJoe, that would be greatly appreciated.

Pépé said...

@Sinister footwear

Various Detroit Blues Blues From The Motor City 1938-1954 [192]

Art :
CD1 :
CD2 :
CD3 :
CD4 :

Yatala Piedmont said...

can anyone upload
Cephas Wiggins - Sweet Bitter Blues

muddyw123 said...

This is not my rip.
The credits are goin' to the original uploader
Cephas & Wiggins _ Sweet Bitter Blues

Expires on 6th Februari 2018

Anonymous said...

Here's Albert's request :Jimmy Rogers and Left Hand Frank - Live (JSP 1043)

I will post it on my blog when i've finished the Jay Miller Sessions (it's available in Flac too on demand

Pépé said...

@ Luis Lisboa
Alabama Black Country Dance Bands 1924 - 1949 (Document DOCD-5166).

muddyw123 said...

Bill Sims Jr. - 1999 - Bil Sims (Warner)
Promo Only and some info
Expires on 14th February 2018

Download link

Maple Blues said...

@ Cajun spice request
Nathan & The Zydeco Cha-Chas Steady Rock

i also have
Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas - Let's Go @256
Nathan and The Zydeco Cha-Chas - Creole Crossroads - 1995 256kbs
if u interested maybe post in chat box...

Francisco Hernández said...

Hi, I have Z.Z. Hill "Down Hom", I´ll appreciate a lot if you share someone else of him. Thanks so much

Xyros said...

@ Francisco Hernández, I don't have any ZZ Hill, but try " Hey Get Rhythm" or "Deep Southern Soul" .

Maple Blues said...

Nathan & the Zydeco Cha Cha's
let's go
steady rock

Yoda Inside said...
does anyone have this?
A similarly named disc is Red River Blues on Ace/Ram records, that one has 50's blues like Sonny Boy Williamson though. thanks

Bluesercher said...

Hi Maple Blues.

Thanks for Nathan - "Let's Go".
Please given also his "Creole Crossroads"

Thank you very much,and...thanks in advance. :-)

Maple Blues said...

@ Bluesercher

Nathan & The Zydeco Cha Chas Creole Crossroads - 1995
these are all i got of them

Run Free Biggles said...

request: The Legendary DeFord Bailey
(Tennessee Folklore Society ‎– TFS-122)

Blind Pig Trotter said...

It's gone a bit quiet on the request front, so here are two more:

Jim B said...

Looking for Mississippi Slim 8th Wonder Of The World
Amazing Records 2002 SMG MS 42402
Bought a copy off him in 2004 but mow just won't play.

pépé said...

Hi Xyros,
Would you reup Rev. Robert Wilkins - The Legendary Piedmont Recordings-
link is dead

We are the dreamer of dreams said...

one request:
Muddy Waters Blues Band with Dizzy Gillespie

Gus said...

This comp is interesting in that it has 2 alternate takes of Furry Lewis performances from the 1920s, "Dry Land Blues" alt take is only available on this CD and a recent Frog release. Does anyone have "Blues Collection #61: Beale Street Blues feat. Furry & Frank Stokes"