Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hartmut's Singles 27



Skinnymon said...

Not that my intention is to annoy, but I forgot to mention this one until yesterday, and it's kind of important:

Tracks 09 and 10, Jerry Lieberman Band with King Johnson. Since both tracks say "I'm The Man For You," my first thought was it must be a Pt. 1 and Pt. 2 though it doesn't say so. So I listened. Unfortunately that is not the case. It sounds like track 09 should be labeled as "Where There's A Will There's A Way."

(and is track 14 "Merry" or "Marry"? Sorry I'm a pest.)

Xyros said...

@ Skinnymon, I think you're right about the Jeffery Lieberman track, see
and track 14 is a typo and should be "marry".

Hartmut said...

@Skinnimon & Xyros: You are right with track 9 and 14. It must have been too late.
It's good to find out that someone really cares for the uploads.

Skinnymon said...

Actually these are a very good little "buffet" of music. Perhaps I notice more because I retag them to suit my personal playlist needs, as I say it's not to annoy.

Xyros said...

Speaking for myself I'm glad that you notice the mistakes and let us know. If it's possible we will correct them.