Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lightnin Hopkins - Low Down Dirty Blues

Cairo Blues 2:48
Bad Whiskey 2:07
Ground Hog Blues 2:14
Automobile Blues 2:45
Got To Go 2:27
Unsuccessful Blues 2:19
Rollin' Woman Blues 2:44
Big Mama Jump 2:30
Ida Mae 2:40
Shiny Moon 2:44



ER'BO said...

Many thanks for all yours posts today ! wonderful ! But that's Lil'Son jackson on many sides of lightnin' album.

Ballas said...

One I'm missing. Thank you very much.

gracenotes said...

That tracklisting had me going until I downloaded it and listened. Did Lightnin' cut a version of Cairo Blues? Sadly, no... The first three tracks are by Lil Son Jackson - not Hopkins.

Jackson is brilliant, so it's well worth anybody's attention, if they don't already have these tracks!

Xyros said...

Thank you ER'BO and Gracenotes for the info on the Lil Son Jackson tracks.
A lesson in how to fill an Lp if you don't have enough tracks from the name artist.

Anonymous said...

though musically the album is ok- and thank you, Xyros- there is more to the story here.

if one looks at the disc label (image of one side available at Discogs, but both labels can be found with a bit of searching), and as the text is printed out on the Discogs review it reads:

"All Selections composed by R. Ellen and published by Brent Music BMI"

Lightnin' was known for some quickie recording sessions for bucks, but for some reason this smacks of the sort of contractual deal the Bihari brothers were known for. so who is R. Ellen? an alias for Bob Shad according to Discogs.

imagine that our friend Gerard know this story in detail.

Xyros said...

@ Anonymous, nice piece of detective work. I ripped the UK pressing for this posting but the labels also mention R. Ellen as the componist. Been curious I pulled out the companion record "Dirty Blues" and it was also produced by Bob Shad but nobody is credited on the cover or labels as componist.
Just for the record the UK pressing I have is on deep, almost black, translucent red vinyl.

Anonymous said...

actually ER'BO and Gracenotes are the real detectives. that started the search for information on the album. it seems that no other review or offering could be found that mentioned the Lil Son Jackson tracks.

Celsohare said...

thanks a lot for share this treasure. a big hug from são paulo - brasil - your work is wonderfull !