Friday, November 11, 2016

Arnett Cobb - The Wild Man From Texas (New rip in Stereo)

Medussa 9:29
I Stand Alone 4:39
Old Folks 3:33
Bobby's Blues 4:03
You Walk Out On A Dream 5:35
Doxy 4:47
Wake Up, M.F. 5:20
Big T 4:47

A bit of Jazz from KansasJoe


ramson said...

Great album, while it's a shame that rip is mono.

Thanks and cheers!!

Xyros said...

@ Ransom, I hadn't noticed that some of the rips are mono instead of stereo. As they're not my rips I can only guess that either the labelling of the covers is incorrect or that KansasJoe might have incorrect settings in Audacity. Hopefully KansasJoe will read this comment and reply.

ramson said...

Great thanks for new rip.

Funny thing is that recording sound seems cuasi-mono, except end track that is true stereo. In my opinion other tracks really not are pure mono, seems a mono ambient quite good.


Xyros said...

I also checked the files in Audacity and could hardly see any difference in the 2 tracks when I compared them.