Saturday, October 8, 2016

Chicago Blue Stars - Coming Home

I Need Your Loving 2:27
Early In The Morning 3:22
Coming Home, Baby 4:45
She's Got A Good 'Un 2:42
Route 66 3:15
It's Your Last Time 2:35
Summertime 3:25
Black Nights 5:00
You Better Cut That Out 2:25
Walking Through The Park 2:56

and now some Blues from KansasJoe


Ballas said...

I love this share. Thank you very much.

Steve626 said...

Excellent post. Anything with Freddie Roulette and the Myers Brothers is worth a listen.

rm said...

thank you very much

ramson said...

Great thanks.

By the way, many of your rips are mono, but vinyls are stereo, why?

Anyway thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks as always kind sir!

Dr. Hepcat