Sunday, January 1, 2017

Big George Brock - Should Have Been There

A1 I Should Have Been There
A2 I Might Be Getting Old
A3 I Been So Relieved
A4 Can I Come By Your House Tonight
A5 Got My Mojo Workin'
B1 My Baby Been Crying
B2 Lil Girl You Make Me Feel Good
B3 Every Body's Got A Problem
B4 Just A Dream
B5 Sing The Blues Like I Wanna



Ballas said...

Very good Xyros. Thank you very much.

stagolee said...

Thank you very much

quico said...

Thanks Mr. Xyros I had been for long time to get some music of this artist

Fernando Toral said...

An excellent album! Big George Brock is still kickin'!

Mojo said...

Does anyone know what year this was originally released? And if it had an official label? Big George Brock Records? I see nothing on the image scans indicating a release year or label. Discogs shows no year or label either. I will ask Big George the next time I see him. All I found was this: article from 2007 where it says "was released about 20 years ago", which would put the release at around 1987.


Xyros said...

@ Mojo, gives it at "1990?" which fits in with " about 20 years ago". The label is "B G Brock Records" and has no date on it.