Saturday, September 23, 2017

20 days into the renovation

 The old kitchen and future bedroom

Future kitchen with the front door in view. Still missing one wall at the back and the wall on the left will be removed 

Still waiting for some sort of treasure to be dug up.

20 days into the renovation and the contractor has come to the conclusion that whoever did the rebuilding over the last 100 years should have their heads examined. They have managed to completely remove 2/3 of all the structural support beams and poles that hold up the roof. What they have used is far to light for the job. Stripping is now done room for room and wall for wall, adding support where it's needed and putting in new beams as support.
The contractor is still not very worried and is convinced that everything will be alright in the end ...... I think he gets a kick out of solving everything within the budget and not cutting corners.
I suggested bringing in bus loads of tourists and selling tickets and snacks to help with the costs.


Anonymous said...

Wow what an intense project, And I thought my planned kitchen project was a big deal... Good luck, can't wait to see the finished job!

muddyw123 said...

Every day there will be less mess and more clearity. Heads up. Even if more problems show up, the end will be worth all. Keep strong!

Xyros said...

Thank you for your kind words.
I'm sure everything will be alright in the end and it will be what we hoped for. We have seen other renovations from the contractor and talked to the owners and they were very pleased with the results.

Skinnymon said...

"...the contractor has come to the conclusion that whoever did the rebuilding over the last 100 years should have their heads examined." Well, that may be true, but in the U.S. you're luck if a house isn't torn down for something else inside 100 years. I used to live near a house that was that old ("Victorian style"), but in the late 1990s the property got sold, and they were going to demolish it. But the local people decided to save it and move it to make a facility out of it. It was moved to another site, but the fund raising for the conversion was not reached and they demolished it anyway a year or two later. BTW, on the original property they built a Blockbuster Video store, which is now out of business, and they are selling the property again.

drhepcat said...

Best of luck sir!

jim said...

Have you found any treasures yet? When we renovated our old house we found 4 Budweiser beer cans dated from 1951 left inside a wall. Not a treasure but fun to find.

Anonymous said...

My renovation story is from a current job rehabbing a house in rural Nova Scotia. We gutted the whole upstairs and opted to have urethane spray foam insulation applied to the walls and the roof deck. The insulation contractor botched the job and we were left with a toxic house we could not live in due to off gassing issues and elevated VOC levels. It resulted in a two month long delay and bitter dispute with the contractor before they agreed to rip it all out so we could start over. Whole house is now done (by a different contractor) with blown in cellulose . . . way safer and more environmentally friendly.

Renovations are tough, but they all get finished . . . . eventually.


Daver88 said...

Good Luck - I have my share of horror stories but my last kitchen renovation went very well thanks to an older croatian carpenter whose previous skills included making coffins for the village where he was pretty much the only builder around. Can't beat experience.