Wednesday, September 6, 2017

3 days into the renovation

Three days later and this is what our old farmhouse looks like upstairs. A total mess and an insight to how they used to build using whatever they could find.
The original building is from around 1870 but has been rebuilt and enlarged over the years by well meaning "beunhazen" (moonlighter).
Our contractor is not that worried about it but I feel like I'm part of the film " The Money Pit".


muddyw123 said...

Hahahahaha. Know how you feel.... There will always be tomorrow though.

jim said...

Yes, When you go through a renovation on an especially old house you are in "The Money Pit".

Good luck. Thanks for all the great music.

Jim Miller

Nappyrags said...

Also think "Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House"...Hope it all goes smooth for you...

drhepcat said...

Wow! Best of luck!
Dr. Hepcat

Fernando Toral said...

Perfect place for a music room!!!

Maple Blues said...

rnvations rules #1
double the time planned and the $$$
then add 10%
good luck