Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Be Back In Two Weeks

Leaving this afternoon for a well earned rest in Curacao. Hope to do more than just lay around the beach drinking all day but it could be worse.
See you.


Bob Mac said...

Hope you have a great holiday Xyros. We're off to Bali next week, so while I'm lying under a coconut tree, with an icy-cold beer in my hand, on a Bali beach, I'll think of you doing the same on a Curacao beach...;-)

Bill said...

Woulda thought you'd head to New Orleans. Have fun!

sawyer said...

Enjoy your break, and thanks for being there. That is to say working on the site - Curacao, I've drunk a fair share of it, but never been there. Somehow I doubt there are many used record stores out there.