Visitors requests....maybe you can help out

Leroy Slim requests Sunny Ridell...Come Out In My World single
Me requests anything old by Buddy Ace
Tori requests: Stars Of The 1969-1970 Memphis Country Blues Festival LP
Maple Blues requests Jimmy Dawkins - All Blues (JSP)
Franck G : K.C. Douglas Arhoolie LP "The Country Boy"
Leroy Slim: We sing The Blues ( Sue Label)
Blackadder: Big Bill Broonzy Portraits in Blues on Storyville
Geard Herzhaft: (Sidney Maiden: Honey bee blues/ Thinking the blues) from the Japanese LP
Blues Anthology-2 West Coast Blues /Liberty – LLR 8192
Dr. Strasburg: Blue Monday: The Stax Blues Masters Vol. 1 & Vol. 2.

Nighthawk: The legacy of Tommy Johnson" on Saydisc/Matchbox ??
Frank: Little Brother Montgomery - Crescent City Blues
Dr. Srasburg: Big Joe Turner With Pete Johnson's Orchestra ‎– Jumpin' The Blues 1962
Lucky7: Robert Nighthawk -The Aristocrat Of The Blues

Requests 2014
jimmyp9:  Still trying to track down a post for the 2 LP set excello jimmy dawkins live montreux


Dr Strasburg (US) said...

Are volumes 1 & 2, Memphis Blues(?) LPs available for set Really Chicago's Blues (Echo)?

Anonymous said...

Looking around for song/album "Midnight Blues" by Bukka White on "Mississippi Blues Vol. 1." Ace label.

Deaf Steever said...

This blog is so wonderful!! Thanks so much for everything!!

I'm currently looking for "Babe Stovall 1958-1964 The Larry Borenstein Collection Vol. 13". I think it's out of print (I could be mistaken, though).

Anonymous said...

Would like these Chronological Classics
5019 Todd Rhodes 1947-1949
5040 Todd Rhodes 1950-1951
5159 Todd Rhodes 1952-1954
Your the best for Blues

Anonymous said...

Requesting the first Mojo Buford album. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Any one have the Krazy Kat LP Andrew Dunham & Friends? Looking for the track "I Got A Woman" which doesn't seem to have been reissued elsewhere. Uncle Cliff.

MarcD said...


Please omit Jewel 835

Still needed the very rare

Outta Cyte 100 – Oh, Wow Man / Woman's Liberation


Motitzlari-man said...

Hi, I'm looking for two albums by Sonny Terry, hard to find so far.

-Sonny Terry's new sound the jew harp in blues & folk music
-Harmonica & vocal solos

What can I do to be warned of updates? I'm kind of new to the thing...

So glad a friend told me about this blog, thank you guys for sharing such a wonderful collection. Keep up the good work!

teekay said...

For Frank -

Which version of Crescent City are you looking for - I probably have more than one in my collection. I was lucky enough to meet LB when he toured some clubs in the London area in 1972, and spent some time with him and his wife Jan in Chicago in 1973. It was LB who gave me my nickname "teekay"!!

Anonymous said...

Any one have the Storyville ‎– SLP-245
Sunnyland Slim With Delta Blues Band ‎– Sunnyland Slim's Blues Jam With Delta Blues Band

Tom Thumb said...

many thanks for this fine site.
Somebody out there to provide me
with the following recordings (mp3)?
Jackie Brenston: Down in my heart
LC McKinley: Strange girl
R. Sykes: Pine woods/I'll get even
Koko Taylor: All money spent
Eddie Ware: Jealous woman
Jr. Wells: Cant live without you
Big John Wrencher: Tell me darling/
Memphis to Maxwell

MarcD said...

@Tom Thumb

(NOT my rip)

Xyros said...

Thank you MarcD for filling the Big John Wrencher request

Tom Thumb said...

Many thanks, too, for the BJW hint,MarcD.
I'm still looking for the Otis Rush Chess titles "I Won't Be Worried / Ooh Wee".
Someone to help me?

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Tom Thumb. I've just posted the two Otis Rush titles you're looking for

Tom Thumb said...

Hallo Gerard,
many thanks for the fast Otis Rush rip.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Tom Thumb: Do you still need Strange girl by LC Mc Kinley?

Tom Thumb said...

Hallo Gerard,
yes, it's the last LCMcK title i'm missing!

Gerard Herzhaft said...

@Tom Thumb:
So it is Strange girl by LC Mc Kinley

Tom Thumb said...

Many thanks again, Gerard!

marc(fr) said...

Hi Xyros ,

Here's a zippy link for a part of the Montreux Blues Festival 1972 Double Lp .
Not my rip , i don't remember where i have it from but it's only 128 kbps .

Montreux Blues Festival 1972 @128 Mp3

The rest of the album can be found in better sound quality on GĂ©rard Herzhaft's excellent blog . this link brings you directly to the Lightnin' Slim Live in Europe (Montreux) 1972 post :

Best regards