Friday, March 4, 2016

Mississippi Delta Blues Band - In Europe

Live lp recorded in Sweden in 1981. Group members are Jesse Alexander - bass, Vincent Blakey - rhythm guitar, Lee Crisp - Harp/vocals, Eddie Land - lead guitar/vocals and Richard Milton - drums. A pretty standard set that doesn't really get off but that could be due to the production. Also the audience has been edited out which kills any live feeling that it had. Still worth while downloading.



teekay said...

hi any info on this - label names ?

have a good break - how can we survive without your blues ????


Xyros said...

Label TJ records from Palo Alto, CA no. TJ-1002. Google Sam Myers and you should turn up more releases on the TJ label. Records are not easy to find and usually expensive at up to $80 if it's a Sam Myers release.

teekay said...


thanks for that


Xyros said...

@ Gerard, Mississippi Blues Band in Europe has a new link for you.

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thank you very much, Xyros for your help and quickness! I had this LP but, as it was certainly not a great one, I didn't keep it. And now I needed it for the two Eddie Lang tracks...