Thursday, April 25, 2013

Larry Dale - Penny Pincher

Now here's an odd and rare release from Larry Dale on Skillet Records. The rip has been supplied by Frits for your listening pleasure. I haven't been able to find any info on this release or 2 of the tracks that are not listed in any discographies. Maybe someone can shed some light on the label and 2 tracks.
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Gerard Herzhaft said...

Thank you and Frits for those extremely rare sides. Without being totally sure, I feel all those sides (even Big Muddy which is a very different version) seem to come from the same 1987 session that gave the 45 Penny Pincher. Unless it is a demo tape made by Larry anyway late in his career

pino said...

HI, see also

Gerard Herzhaft said...

Finally, after a careful listening to those tracks, I feel there definitely come from the New York City 1987 session, the last (?) from Larry. The personnel is: Larry Dale, vcl/g; Wild Jimmy Spruill, g; Charles Collins, kbds/bs/dms (machine). Only one title was issued on a Juke Blues 45 at the time, the flip being a vocal by Spruill. The Juke Blues label was associated with the excellent british magazine of the same name. How those tracks have come on a cassette that it seems very few people were aware of, is a mystery. Maybe the people at Juke Blues would know better... Anyway, despite the poor sound, this is a very valuable addition to the Larry Dale's discography.