Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jerry McCain






 Thanks to Frits for this posting.


This could be too much Jerry McCain at once but I couldn't resist it. As usual to lazy to place track lists so visit your favourite search engine and look them up.


Anonymous said...

Muchos Grass...Nappyrags

MJB said...

Thanks for the Jerry McCain & Chuck Norris.Managed many years ago to find a couple of J.Mc a charity shop.They were a bit battered,but were playable.Have always liked his style.Good good stuff.
Best wishes Matt B

Anonymous said...

thank You so much
for the McCain "Slim Harpo"
never though i could hear this Rec.

Anonymous said...

good stuff !!! thnks mapleB

daba said...

Thank you kindly.
My little way of giving back when I can.

McCain, Jerry - Choo Choo Rock [Vinyl] 1981-320
[photo of Jerry McCain]Jerry McCain is an inexplicably obscure harmonica player who was

most active in the 1950s. His first recordings were on Trumpet Records for Lillian McMurray

(who also discovered Elmore James) in 1953; they were decent but unremarkable blues sides.

In 1955, however, he put together a band with his brother and went uptempo, recording

eleven raucous rock and roll demos in his living room, all original compositions. On the

strength of these recordings he got a contract with Excello and issued several tracks, all

great rockers but not up to the level of the insane, crude demos.

He’s been active on-and-off since then; his biggest hit was a 1970 cover of Guy Drake’s

right-wing anthem “Welfare Cadillac”. He retired from his day job — private investigator —

in the 1980s and later opened a nightclub, where he still performs occasionally.

The living room recordings have been reissued a few times, originally on a European bootleg

called “Choo Choo Rock”, then later on another boot and then finally on a legit-looking

reissue that also included his complete Excello sides. All are long out of print.

These tracks are all great, but be sure to check out “My Next Door Neighbor”, which is in

my Top 5 Best Song Lyrics of All Time list (he would record a tamer version for Excello a

year later, with the the line about the Devil removed), and “Bell in My Heart”, where

McCain is accompanied by an alarm clock that is starting to wind down by the third verse.

A Cutie Named Judy
Geronimo Rock & Roll
It Must Be Love
Rock & Roll Ball
I Want Somebody to Love
Turn Your Damper Down
I’m a Ding Dong Daddy from a Rock & Roll City
Choo Choo Rock
Bell in My Heart
My Next Door Neighbor
Crying Like a Fool