Friday, July 26, 2013

Shakey Jake - The Key Won't Fit

Born James D. Harris, 12 April 1921, Earle, Arkansas, USA, d. 2 March 1990, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA. A professional gambler when not playing harmonica (his nickname was derived from the crapshooters' call "Shake 'em, Jake"), Harris began playing in Chicago blues bands during the late 40s. His 1958 single "Call Me If You Need Me"/"Roll Your Moneymaker", recorded for the Artistic subsidiary of Cobra Records, featured guitar work by his nephew Magic Sam. During the 60s he recorded two albums that did not do him justice, as club recordings with Sam make evident. His encouragement of younger musicians brought about the recording debut of, among others, Luther Allison, with whom Jake recorded his best album after moving to Los Angeles. In later years, occasional recordings appeared, including some on his own label, and Harris ran a blues club for a while, but was dogged by poor health and isolated by neighborhood gang violence.
Excellent album on the small Murray Brothers label from 1983. Backing from Rod Piazza, Jr. Watson and Hollywood Fats among others.



Anonymous said...

thanks xyros, always waiting for your new post

Anonymous said...

thank, you're a great hunter


boogieman said...

What a fantastic record! I'll never get enough Hollywood Fats / Jr Watson / Piazza. Both backing bands are steaming HOT (wouldn't expect anything less from those guys!). Unfortunately there are statics on side 1 which spoil a bit the pleasure. I don't think this album has been reissued on CD (has it?) otherwise I'd rush to buy it.
Any more rare Hollywood Fats in your treasure chest?

Xyros said...

Boogieman is more or less my controller and he's right about the buzzing/static on side 1. New rip will be online soon.

Soory as far I know I have no more Harmonica Fats.

boogieman said...

Hi Xyros,

You made me laugh ...i actually used to do quality control in one of my previous lives!

Bedank / Merci / Thank you for re-ripping side 1.


Anonymous said...

Good - Good - Record

Thank you, you drive me crazy !!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, what the Princess tries to make me understand is this: "That key is yours, not Shakey's. His won't fit: So Vtafit!! How can I say no????