Friday, April 29, 2016

Eddie "Guitar" Burns - Treat Me Like I Treat You

Detroit boasted a vibrant blues scene during the postwar era, headed by John Lee Hooker and prominently featuring Eddie Burns, who hit the Motor City in 1948 and musically flourished there. While still in Mississippi, Burns picked up his early blues training from the 78s of Sonny Boy Williamson, Tommy McClennan, and Big Bill Broonzy. When he hit Detroit, Burns was exclusively a harp player. He cut "Notoriety Woman," his first single for Holiday in 1948, with partner John T. Smith on guitar. Burns added guitar to his personal arsenal the next year, cutting sessions with Hooker. Burns' own discography was slim but select -- he cut singles for DeLuxe in 1952 ("Hello Miss Jessie Lee"), Checker in 1954 ("Biscuit Baking Mama"), JVB, and Chess in 1957 ("Treat Me Like I Treat You"). In 1961, Burns waxed the slashing "Orange Driver" and several more R&B-slanted sides for Harvey Fuqua's Harvey Records.
Later, Burns made a fine album for Blue Suit Records, Detroit, that showed his versatility on two instruments to good advantage. Incidentally, blues talent runs in the Burns family: brother Jimmy is a blues-soul performer based in Chicago, with his own impressive discography stretching back to the '60s. 
With everything dubbed from vinyl onto vinyl, the sound quality on this LP won't be top-notch--but as it contains Burns's rough-edged 1948-1965 Detroit blues and boogies, it's the best cross-section of his early work compiled thus far. The guitarist/harpist's first few singles were marvelously raw affairs -- "Treat Me like I Treat You" and "Biscuit Baking Mama" drip Hastings Street ambience -- while Burns's 1961 sides for Harvey Fuqua's Harvey logo -- "Messin' with My Bread," "Orange Driver" -- are driving R&B.

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ramson said...

Good recordings, many thanks!!!

By the way, I'm looking for decent rips of:

1- Detroit Blackbottom lp 1975 Big Bear (I have two rips, an old rip with very hard clipping and therefore with auditive fatigue; other recent rip from other blog but with same awful sound than Itunes album to download)

2- Bottle Up and Go, 1972 Action 100 lp.I have a old rip with quite clipping, while audible.


Anonymous said...

@Ramson: try this one from late TBC

1- Detroit Blackbottom lp 1975 Big Bear

Eddie "Guitar" Burns - Detroit Blackbottom (1975) @320 ---


Albert said...

and this one too...