Sunday, November 10, 2013

Frank Hovington - Lonesome Road Blues

Here’s an excellent LP by blues guitarist / banjoist / singer Frank Hovington (1919-1982).  Hovington was from Pennsylvania but lived in Delaware.  These recordings were made by Dick Spottswood & Bruce Bastin back in the summer of 1975 at Frank’s home, using a tape recorder on loan from the Library of Congress. It was released by the British Label Flyright Records in 1976.  I’ve really enjoyed listening to this one lately, Hovington is an excellent singer and has a great style, or range of styles on guitar and banjo.  This album was apparently reissued on CD by Rounder Records at some point, but as far as I know is now out of print.  Hovington was originally “discovered” by John Fahey while John was driving around looking for old records.  Mack McCormick brought him to the 1971 Smithsonian Folk Festival, but other than that Frank Hovington did not like to tour or try to play lots of gigs at that point in his life. (Down Home Radio Show)

Bit lazy this time round as the covers are from Stefan Wirz's page but the rip is mine.



Alan Balfour said...

For what it's worth, Bruce Bastin issued it on CD (Flyright CD66) in July 2000 plus extra tracks and reprint of his superb original liner notes.

Up until a couple of years ago it was still available in UK.

rezkallah said...

hi, the same was issued on LP in '77
or'78 by Rounder n°2017

Anonymous said...

Could you please reup ? thanks :)

Xyros said...

@ Dr. Oyster, unable to do reposts until I'm settled into our home. The way things are going it might take until "hell freezes over".

BDaD said...

@ Dr Oyster
Here is the link (originaly posted by Xyros)

Xyros said...

Thank you BDad for sharing the link and helping Dr. Oyster out.