Friday, May 7, 2021

American Blues Legends 79 (Repost)

Comes with bios and photos of Eddie C. Campbell, Good Rockin' Charles , Billy The Kid Emerson and more.
Funny how one's memory fades into a blank as I can't remember a thing about the concert.



Alan BAlfour said...

All I can remember is that Stuart Colman interviewed Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson at length on his BBC Radio London Echoes program around the time of that tour. I recorded it on cassette.

Anonymous said...


1st Happy New Year!
Know not supposed to ask, but.... Is "79" a # or year of this collection? If it's a series, will you be U/L more (please)?

Ciao! For now.

muddyw123 said...

Nice info. Thanks!

Xyros said...

@ Anonymous, In 1979 the American Blues Legends toured Europe and the LP is a showcase of the artists who toured.

gracenotes said...

I have a few fairly clear memories of the tour's gig at the 100 Club in London. Good Rockin' Charles was the highlight for me, always a sucker for a proper blues harp player, and Campbell too, although I also saw him at the same venue (and others) a few years later and memories might have merged a bit! I also recall Emerson dressing up and hobbling on to the stage with a walking stick, probably for a particular song, but I can't remember what ...