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Friday, May 12, 2017

Nyles Jones(a.k.a. Guitar Gabriel) - My South My Blues

A1 Ain't Gonna Let No Woman 2:42
A2 Sweet Little Angel
A3 Expressin' The Blues
A4 De Prit And Betty
A5 The Welfare Blues
B1 Log Cabin Woman
B2 Your Poddle Dog
B3 Down On The Farm
B4 Southland



Gerard Herzhaft said...

A great debut album for Nyles Jones that has gained some success, The Welfare blues issued on a 45 was even a local hit. And the leading british blues mag Blues Unlimited published rave reviews of the album and the single. Unfortunately and for several reasons, Nyles didn't cash on this and have had to wait almost two decades to record again, this time under the Guitar Gabriel moniker that puzzled a lot of people who didn't even know that this man was Nyles Jones! By the way, Nyles is the son of Sunny Jones, a good Piedmont bluesman who recorded in the 30's

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Interesting blog!

Alan Balfour said...

A man with different persona see

Bendeboue Blues said...

Thank you, there is a video ,i saw about the utrecht blues marathon , back stage where jones was jamming,
I think i saw it on utube, as well as there is another vinyl of him, i'll check it out,the first Tim Duffy recordings with him are amazing

Anonymous said...

Hello ! could you please re-up ? thanks !

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much !