Friday, May 30, 2014

Mississippi Delta Blues Band - Chromatic Style

Sam Myers in order to make ends meet began working for Mississippi Industry for the Blind situated in Jackson and performed from time to time, most notably with Sylvia Embrey and the Mississippi All-Stars Blues Band, which enjoyed several world tours. In 1979, he recorded another single for Johnny Vincent, “You’re So Fine” (Ace 2037) which failed to attract any interest. In the period 1980 to 1986, he, mainly in a supporting role for this loosely knit group, appeared on no less than seven compilations on the TJ label, all of which are apparently out of print---Down Home in Mississippi (1979), Mississippi Delta Blues (1980), Mississippi Delta Blues Band: In Europe (1981), Mississippi Delta Blues Band (1981), San Francisco Blues Band, Chromatic Style (1981), San Francisco Blues Band (1986), and Mississippi Delta Blues Band Greatest Hits (1986). Although some sources insist that there were some singles issued from these vinyl albums, they have yet to be verified in any record guide.
Edited from an excellent article on Sam Myers that you can find here:

Be warned .. playing to much chromatic harp is bad for your smile ... look at the kid on the cover :-).



Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

In this case I only have the TJ1050 from the MDBB, with this one, you have provided me other two.
I have also rips from San Fco. Blues Band and Live in Europe (no Sam in this one) that make five in total, so what a pity: Two more to keep looking for.
Many, many, many thanks

Xyros said...

Good luck finding the missing lp's Lapiedra52

S R Management said...

Thanks for featuring Sam. He was a great harpster and I'm glad he received proper recognition later in life with Anson & the Rockets.

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real gem here thnks !!