Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson - The Original Cleanhead

Cleanhead Blues 2:31
Pass Out 6:22
Alimony Blues 2:34
Cleanhead Is Back 3:50
Juice Head Baby 3:18
Old Maid Boogie 3:17
One O'Clock Humph 6:55
I Needs To Be Be'd Wid 2:50


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting nice to have this on MP3. Has this got Joe Pass playing on it?
Big fan of any era Cleanhead!

Cheers n Beers,

Xyros said...

Earl Palmer-drums
David Cohen-guitar
Joe Pass-guitar
Artie Butler-piano,organ
Arthur Wright-bass
Plas Johnson-tenor sax

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that. Had a copy of this on cassette for years!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all these great albums ! Could you reup this ? Thanks !

Juanjo said...

Thanks for this gem Xyros !!