Saturday, August 9, 2014

Joyce Lawson - Same (Mutt & Jeff LP)

It's surprising that there is almost nothing to be found on internet about Joyce Lawson except for a couple of concert reviews, see below. This is her first LP on the Mutt & Jeff label and has a very soulful sound. There are at least 2 more albums released (Allmusic) on small labels (Evejim and Phatt) and a cd available from CD Baby. 

The highly in-demand Joyce Lawson, finds herself singing blues less frequently in recent days since she inherited her own church (not unlike Solomon Burke) located in South Central, Los Angeles. It’s there that she now directs her own choir and preaches on Sunday. An absolute blues and gospel master, Ms. Lawson sings as soulfully as both Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin, and is also a virtuoso pianist. Check out her recording on famed Evejim Records entitled “Today I sing The Blues.”

Thanks go to HM for sharing this LP.


MarcD said...

This one is good.The Evejim is magnificent.I had the opportunity to see Joyce performing at the 'Blues Estafette'(Utrecht,The Netherlands,2000)
I just finished listening to Gwen McCrae's 1996 album 'Psychic Hot Line' on the revived 'Goldwax' label.IMHO this ranks as one of her best and bluesiest recordings.Cut in Memphis, sporting a great live band with real instruments.Gwen really tears it up.
It's up at it out!



Xyros said...

Thank you MarcD for the headsup for the Gwen McCrae album

-------------- said...

Très belle découverte . Voix très proche d' Aretha . Merci.André (France)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoying this one. Thanx