Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fiddling Around With Mac

I've just replaced my PC with a Mac and that has some consequences. One been that 20 plus years of Windows experience and software mean nothing anymore. Feel like a new born baby learning it's first steps into the world around it. Slowly coming to terms that what was logical is now the other way around, some things need 1 click extra.  Sorting out the Mac software that I need and installing it takes time to do properly.
New posts, new links and requests will be look at soon.
If you have any suggestions as to vinyl ripping, audio restoration and tagging software that is affordable or free please let me know.


Steve626 said...


Welcome to the world of the Mac. I can't recommend any vinyl related software, but I can suggest a nice audio player instead of -- or in addition to iTunes. It's called VOX, it's free, plays many different file types and sounds pretty good to these old ears. Easy to install and easy to delete. It can be found at:

Anonymous said...

Get a Horse!

Just Kidding (sort of)

Seriously tho, Good Luck


Cheers Obey-Gravity

Frank Jive said...

Congratulations, Xyros! I'm sure there'll be a learning curve but I think once you get past that there'll be no regrets and no going back . . . I'm 18 years on a Mac!

marc(fr) said...

Hello Xyros i am using Mac (snowpard leopard) 10.6.8.

I first had leopard installed (10.5.) and downloaded for about 30€ "Cd Spin Doctor" for Mac to digitize my Lp's . It worked great under 10.5 but since i upgraded my system to snowpard leopard 10.6.8 i have troubles with it . here's a link for information :

Here are a few useful links for free download to create rare files and to "unrar"

UnrarX :

Simply Rar :

And here's a great tool to change lossless files to Mp3 : (XLD for mac)

I use ITunes to store my music but also installed VLC to listen to music or for watching videos that don't open with mac .

Good luck with your new Mac !

Marc (fr)

Xyros said...

Thank you Steve626 and Marc(fr) for the software tips. I've just ordered a Imic as the latest Macs have no audio input (????). So until that arrives I can't rip anything.
Otherwise everything feels a bit more familiar and slowly I'm gathering software that I need.

brianbrora said...

Mediamonkey (free version) is excellent for adding / altering tags.

howstean said...

I've just switched to Linux and am having the same sensations - nothing works as it did - but I'm sure we'll get there !

Anonymous said...

TriTag for editing tags and Name Mangler for file renaming.

MapleB said...
nch has all kind of audio tools some are free and not really expensive

Anonymous said...

It will take some time, but I think you’ll dig your new mac in time.

Marc(fr)’s suggestions are right on, and here’s my added take on it.

IMHO, itunes sucks. It cannot rip or play flac files. And it sounds bad. For most of my cd ripping to flac I use XLD (X lossless decoder) or Max (from, both free. I also use both of those apps for converting between digital formats as well. Each has a lot of tweaks you can play with to get your rips and conversions just right.

For tagging TAGR is easy to use, but cost $10 in the Mac app store. However, it doesn’t tag flac files. I’m using the free EasyTAG for that, a bit old fashioned interface as it’s really written for pc, but gets the job done well.

For unpacking downloads, UnRarX and StuffitExpander are both excellent little workhorses.

For editing use Audacity, which you may be familiar with from the pc world.

Utorrent or Transmission are both reliable torrent apps for mac.

For playing, I use Decibel (, which costs $30+ dollars, but unfortunately is not updated very often. However, it plays everything and with my old-fashioned folder-based library and I like the interface.
Like Steve626 said, Vox is good, free and simple.
VLC will also play anything audio & video.
Bit Perfect ($10 Mac App store) will work as an add-on to your itunes library (if you have one), and play flac & cleanup the muddy itunes sound.
If you want fancy & expensive Audirvana Plus is the way to go, altho’ older versions always overloaded my system.

I don’t rip from LP so I cant help you there, but I think Audio Hijack pro may be able to help.

Thanks for preserving this wonderful music.

And Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Don't worry. You'll love it!--Bill