Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mickey Baker - Mickey Baker's Guitar

On 27th of November it will be 1 year that Mickey Baker passed away . He was a friend of mine and lived in the same area as I do . He came several times to my place and I often visited him and listened for hours to the great stories he told me about his musician career .
Here is a "homemade compilation " I made from different LP's&Cd's . Marc Claes

Thank you Marc at " The Blues Years" for putting this comp together and reminding us (me) what an influential guitarist Mickey was.



Bill said...

Heard Hungry Eye by Bill Doggett? Mickey Baker doing descending diminished chords into Guitar Boogie Shuffle, an instrumental about 3 minutes long. Is that correct artist and name ?

12vjoe said...

Excellent! Really looking forward to listening to this! Thanks

Anonymous said...

thanx as this goes w all the mb stuff from the last coupla shelf music

Unknown said...

I am crazy for Mickey -- but the link is dead. Can you please re-post?
Thanks! Sam

Days of Broken Arrows said...

Thanks for putting the link back up. My uncle, who co-wrote a single with an obscure do-wop group called The Magnets, was friends with Micky. They were both part of the New York early rock scene. I wish I'd found this collection before my uncle died, which was almost two years to the day after Mickey passed.

Xyros said...

I'm glad you liked the comp that Marc put together. Your uncle must have had some wonderful stories to tell about the early days in New York.
I've added your blog to my list as you have a very broad selection of music and magazines that could be of interest to other visitors here.

Days of Broken Arrows said...

LOL! I'm going through your blog and left a comment about Mickey Baker on another post. Now I realize I apparently left the same comment here (see above) a few months ago.

I might be absent-minded, but at least I'm consistent. Anyway, thanks for putting out all this Mickey Baker. Somewhere in heaven, my uncle and him are probably laughing at this -- and checking out the girls, which they apparently did a lot of in their day (so my folks tell me).