Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mitty Collier - Hold The Light

A1 Hold the Light 3:49
A2 He Brought Joy Into My Life 4:07
A3 On the Other Side 3:42
A4 Lord, You Blessed 3:04
B1 Love in the World 3:35
B2 Nobody's Fault But Mine 3:49
B3 I'm Glad 4:14
B4 He Looked Beyond My Faults 6:15

Thank you KansasJoe


ramson said...

Great, great soul album!! .. and rip sound is very good.

By the way, this one also is a mono rip as all rips of albums you posted here later days, why?..I think maybe you get an incorrect settings on your software recording or on your Hi-Fi stereo systems.

Anyway thanks a lot.

Xyros said...

I've checked my settings and they're OK so I'll contact KansasJoe and ask what his settings are. Might take some time though before I get a reply. In the meantime there are a pile of rips backed up to be posted.

KansasJoe said...

@ramson and Xyros: back fron vacation I read your notes. You are right. I checked my original audacity files. They are in mono as well, though the audacity settings say 'stereo'. Ramson, do you have a date when the mono started?
I use a Dual USB turntable, Audacity and Mp3tag. Does any one have an idea? I'll try to do a 'printscreen' of the settings and mail it to Xyros.
Sorry about that.

ramson said...

@KansasJoe: unfortunately I don't have a precise date when the mono started beacuse I only have located 9 rips from you.
I checked them and these are the results:

This is the stereo rip more recent I get from you:

December 5, 2015
Detroit, Blues Factory Vol. 1
This are the mono rips more old I get from you:

April 16, 2016
Various - New Orleans Blues Volume II New Orleans Radio Live 1951!
Yes, it's a mono recording, but rip also is mono if you see wave of tracks on a sound edit program

May 7, 2016
James & Lucky Peterson - The Father, The Son, The Blues