Saturday, February 11, 2017

Big Maybelle - Got A Brand New Bag

96 Tears 2:38
Mellow Yellow 2:25
That's Life 2:58
There Must Be A Word 2:00
Ellenor Rigby 2:05
Love Is A Hurtin' Thing 2:10
I Can't Control Myself 2:35
Cabaret 1:55
Black Is Black 2:30
Coming On Strong 1:50
Egg Plant That Ate Chicago 2:24
Turn The World Around Another Way 2:04


becks dark said...

Thank you

Jan Molam said...

my favorite album from Big Maybelle - nice to have it now as mp3 ...! Thanks so much!!

Franck Goldwasser said...

If the music on this album is as great as the cover is hideous, it must rock!

Xyros said...

I'm afraid the music, to my ears, is almost as hideous as the cover. "Elanor Rigby" I can follow but the "Egg Plant That ate Chicago" is a terrible choice as is 99% of the LP. Like the movie " Plan 9 From Outer Space" ... the idea was terrible, the cover was terrible, the music was terrible and the tracks were terrible but almost 50 years later it's a campy cult piece of vinyl.