Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Teddy Bunn - The Very Best Of Teddy Bunn 1937 -1940

1 I Know That You Know 2:57
2 Bump It (Apex Blues) 3:21
3 Four or Five Times 3:08
4 Hell in My Heart 2:55
5 Jelly Roll Bert 2:55
6 That'll Get It 2:41
7 Brown Skin Gal Is the Best Gas After All 2:43
8 Wild Man Blues 3:10
9 Melancholy 2:41
10 Shake Your Can 2:54
11 If You See Me Comin' 3:06
12 Gettin' Together 2:49
13 If You're a Viper 2:25
14 Baby, It Must Be Love 2:49
15 Beale Street Mama 3:15
16 After Hours Blues 4:10
17 Basin Street Blues 3:44
18 Summertime 4:12
19 Thirsty Mama Blues 3:17
20 Pig Foot Sonata 3:04
21 King Porter Stomp 3:10
22 Blues Without Words 3:09
23 Guitar in High 3:11
24 Jackson's Nook 2:26
25 I've Come a Long Ways Baby 3:00

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for some more Teddy Bunn please visit Uncle Gil at https://unclegil.blogspot.nl/2016/07/irritation-blues.html and don't forget to thank him.


ER'BO said...

Great post !! Thanks ypu very much. A real pleasure.

Xyros said...

Glad to help you out ER'BO.

Leo said...

thank you!!!!!!

Bob Mac said...

Thanks for this one, plus the Errol Dixon, I've never seen either album before today, so very nice to have copies now.

Unknown said...

Never seen this before. All that I have seen of Teddy B. is bootlegs. Thanks for the original!

Xyros said...

There is also a cd of ealier tracks but sofar I haven't been able to find a copy. If I do it will be posted.

BluesDude said...

Thanks for this one and of course the other recently posted ones! Some years ago I tried track down some Teddy Bunn songs, but I was not successful. Hard to find and here is a detailed discography of him, covering the years from 1929 to 1952: http://www.djangoreinhardt.info/teddy-bunn-discography/

Roberto Ferrari said...

Thanks a lot, Roberto

Michael said...

Excellent - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great post , thanks !! . if you are looking for the "Teddy Bunn - Jpcd 1509-2 (1929-1940) " i can send you a zippy link for that one .

Xyros said...

@ MarcFr, if you could send me the link that would be great.