Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sam Blue - Delta

1A Bunsop Shuffle
2A Bound To Love You Some
3A Ever Love
4A I Don't Worry Much
5A Blues In G.
6A Checking Up On My Baby
1B Whole World Blues
2B Holy Roller
3B Slide
4B Walking Blues
5B Roll N & Tumblin

KansasJoe post:


Ballas said...

Thanks Xyros. New to me but sounds like pretty standard stuff.

Xyros said...

I've still got to get around to listening to it but don't expect it to be a high flyer.

Bob Mac said...

It's OK, as Ballas said all standard stuff, no earth-shaking things happening here. I tried to find out more about this LP but all I could find was it's dated from 1970s, no one seems to know what year.

BDaD said...

they say it's 1978

Bob Mac said...

@BDaD: Thanks for the link, nice to now have a fixed date for the sessions.

B flat said...

I think I bought the LP around 1980 when Lunar also published the first Sherman Robertson albums. Sam Blue is Samuel Favers and very active in Atlanta, Ga. He bills himself as Sammy Blue - The Crown Prince of The Blues. Go to to learn more about the person and his music.

Xyros said...

Thank you B flat for the info and link on Sammy Blue.