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Friday, June 14, 2019

B.B. King European Tour Programme 1968 (re-post)



Anonymous said...

Great ! B.B.King with a Gibson Es-330

Bob Mac said...

Interesting that he used a fairly small band for that tour. When I first saw BB live in 1974 his band was much larger...bigger horn section, a 2nd guitarist & bass player.

Xyros said...

I think a 2nd guitarist and bass would be handy to have around so I'm guessing that it wasn't known who would come at the time of printing. I could ask the original owner of the programme who went to the Amsterdam concert but I doubt if he would remember.

Unknown said...

Many thanks for sharing this document! What a treasure trove of information on B.B. King. In his book "The Life and Music of B.B. King" author Sebastian Danchin gives the explanation why B.B. King used a fairly small band for that tour. The organizers decided to reduce the cost of the band as much as they could, even going as far as deciding that there was no need for a bass player!