Saturday, October 28, 2017

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muddyw123 said...
Surfin' in the old site, I found some real gems back that I had lost.
Also found loads of interesting stuff with dead links.
Hope they can be re-upped someday.... You're in luck as my records are in storage and I've been relying on reposts and shared music  I've got backed up until I move back to my house in 5 months and start ripping again.
There is a lot of good music amongst the older posts with dead links. Browse amongst them using the "Blog Archive" button bottom right of the home page. Leave your request in the comments section of this post.

#Johnny Otis - Formidable
#Johnny Otis - Rock And Roll Classics Vol. 7
#Johnny Otis - The Original Johnny Otis Show
#Johnny Otis - Presents Some Old Folks Boogie
#Johnny Otis - Rock 'n Roll Hit Parade
#Hokum Boys - You Can't Get Enough Of That Stuff
#Big Jay McNeeley - Deacon Rides Again
#Little Joe Blue - I'm Doing All Right Again
#Sugar Pie Desanto - Lovin' Touch
#David Dee - Going Fishing
#George And Ethel McCoy - Early In The Morning

#Lester Williams - Dowling Street Hop
#Josh White - Chicago Sessions 1963
#Little Joe Blue - Southern Country Boy
#Dave "Baby" Cortez - Rinky-Dink
#Tiny Grimes - And His Rocking Highlanders
#Piano Red - Percussive Red
#Piano 'C' Red - Flat Foot Boogie
#Lincoln Chase - The Explosive Lincoln Chase
#Guitar Crusher - Live At Quasimodo
#Rosay - Confessions Of Rosay
#Eddie " Cleanhead' Vinson - You Can't Make Love Alone
#The Kids From King - Tribute To Muddy waters

#Various - Another Saturday Night
#Various - Vintage Toledo Blues 1950 -1980
#Various - Oakland Blues
#Various - Blues Anthology Vol. 4 - More Chicago Blues
#Various - C.J.'s Roots Vol. 3 a.k.a Collector's Album From The Catalog Of C.J. Records
#Various - Some Cold Rainy Day
#Various - Sultans Of The Slide Guitar
#Various - Two Aces And A Jack - Hot As You Got
#Various - North Florida Fives
#Various - Chemical City Shakedown
#Various - Goin' back To Tifton
#Various - I'm Your Country Man - H 104
#Various - Blues People - H 102


muddyw123 said...

Thank you so much so far.
As The Magic Man would say: And you know it.

Anonymous said...

many thanks for the Hokum Boys!

Xavier Broxolle said...

Thank you ! This “place” is magic !

muddyw123 said...

Hope the renovation goes as you wish Xyros. Tx for today's UL.

Anonymous said...


THANX! For the re-ups & "finds". GREAT stuff! Take time to get your "projects" done & sure people will wait until your return.

Ciao! For now.

Ballas said...

Does anyone have a John Lee Hooker album called "Johnny Lee" on Green Bottle GBS 3130 released in 1972 that they want to share? It's on of those essential albums that's hard to find.

David said...

Does anyone have "Bob Geddins' Rhythm Records Story" on Acrobat?

muddyw123 said...

Thanks Xyros for all the re-ups. Much appreciated!

Xyros said...

Glad to help you out muddyw123

Anonymous said...

thank You for the links to
Tiny Grimes and his Rocking Highlanders
& Some old folks boogie of Johnny Otis.
- Jay from the North.