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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Some Bandy Label LP's

Allen Toussaint - Sings
Ernie K-Doe - vol.1
Ernie K-Doe - vol.2

Irma Thomas - Sings
Jessie Hill - Can't Get Enough
The Stokes - With Allen Toussaint

VA - Love You, New Orleans
VA - Real Blues From New Orleans
VA - We Sing The Blues

Slowly I've been trying to collect all the Bandy Lp's and the ones above I have plus 2 more that I have to rip when they're out of storage.
When I started I hadn't realized how many releases there had been, about 17 lp's according to Discogs.


pmac said...

Any chance you could post the Jessie Hill album? Its damn hard to find! Many thanks for such a great blog.

Bill said...

Wow! TWO Ernie K-Doe records. Thank you!

trumpetaaa said...

very nice new orleans records
nany thanks for sharing them

Xyros said...

Sorry pmac, that's one I'm still looking for.

clash said...

Thank you for sharing these!

clash said...

Continued thanks for these fantastic records!

pmac said...

Hot Damn!!! Christmas comes early with the Jessie Hill download! Many, many thanks!

muddyw123 said...

Great Bandy's. Thanks a lot, Appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

thank you

pmac said...

Thanks for the newest adds to this post. Fantastic compilations.

Franck Goldwasser said...

Outstanding posts, thanks a million! Happy holidays!

Xyros said...

Glad you all enjoyed the Bandy lp's as much as I do. Look forward to posting remaining 2 I have and with a bit of luck I might have more then.

Anonymous said...


THANX! For all the Bandy Records. LUV New Orleans R&B & these are great LP's.

Ciao! For now.

Bob Mac said...

Thanks Xyros, just found a couple NO comps I didn't have.

drhepcat said...

Dank U Vell Gyros!

pmac said...

Any chance for a re-up of the Jesse Hill lp? Had a hard drive crash and am desperately wanting to reacquire it. many thanks!

Xyros said...

@ pmac, Jessie Hill has a new link for you. Good luck with the HD.

pmac said...

Xyros - Merci, my friend!