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I know that Zippyshare is a problem in a lot of countries but I'm sticking to it and for the following reasons:
1. large files can be uploaded
2. it's fast
3. no download limits
5. I can follow the number of downloads

The solution to your problem is to use free or paid VPN software extensions for your browser. I use TouchVPN for Chrome but there are plenty of other ones out there to choose from.
It's not rocket science and if you can download and listen to mp3's all day you are capable of using simple VPN extensions.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Eddie Clearwater - Two Times Nine

A Little Bit Of Blues, A Little Bit Of Rock & Roll
Blast Off
Came Up The Hard Way
2 X 9
Chicago Daily Blues
Nashville Road
The World Is In A Bad Situation
Payments On My Woman



Anonymous said...

From OldMan : Great album. thank's for your sharing. Have a good day.

muddyw123 said...

Tx for The Chief Tribute!

imnokid said...


Anonymous said...

Eddie's music is good to listen.
Appreciated very much.
- Jay from the North.

pino said...

thank you very much ... !