Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Make Or Fill A Request Here

You can leave requests, comments  and replies in the usual way and after moderation they will appear below. This might take a couple of days and reposts up to a week ..... I've got a life outside of the blog.

I've deleted all the old comments and requests as it was getting messy so please  place your requests again if you're still searching.
Please do not request CD's/LP's released after 2014 as they will not be posted here.

6th of July: NBL - Various -Blues As Big As Texas (Home Cooking)

7th of July: muddyw123 -
Furry Lewis - On The Road Again
Vinyl 1969 - Adelphi Records Inc. ‎– AD 1007 S
With Furry Lewis, Bukka White, Gus Cannon and Mike Stewart.
Thank you Owlface

7th of July: Loyoyo - Leo "Bud" Welch - "Sabougla Voices"
your other 3 requests are 2015 or later and will not be posted.

7th of July: Tom Thumb said...
Has somebody ever seen / heard?
Roosevelt Sykes: Piney Woods/I'll Get Even (Bea & Baby 116)
Little Mack Simmons: Goose Walk/Check Out My Baby (Dud-Sound 4719)
(Leadbitter et al, p 559 & 479)
Do they really exist ???

9th of July: Albert said... Henry Qualls ‎– Blues From Elmo, Texas
thanks go to Lapiedra52

12th of July: peter55: Various -  Essential blues anthology 2CD box
CD 1 and CD 2

14th of July: Bob Mac said...
Little Milton - Playing For Keeps (MCD LP 7149)
Little Milton - I Will Survive (MCD LP 7427)
Little Milton - Strugglin' Lady (MCD LP 7465)
Little Milton - At The North Atlantic Blues Festival [Last Concert] 
thanks go to Lapiedra52
All available At "Hey Get Rhythm" blog basement. Plenty of other good music also. Don't forget to leave a comment.

15th of July: imnokid said...
Eddie Bo ‎– The Other Side Of Eddie Bo
Gee Gee Shinn - Putt Putt Golf
Sly Slick And Wicked - Get Down Live
Southside Movement & Jackie Ross - Cold Hearted Woman
The Checkmates ‎– Sold Out
Bobby Stevens And The Checkmates Ltd. - Life ‎

You never know your luck, someone might have them

17th of July: Anonymous -
Robert Pete Williams: Those Prison Blues
Robert Pete Williams: Free Again 
Robert Pete Williams: -Louisiana Blues 
Robert Pete Williams: When I Lay My Burden Down 
Robert Pete Williams: Santa Fe Blues 
Robert Pete Williams Live 1974: Out On The Highway
Big Joe Williams: Tough Times  @ 256kbs
Various - Country Spirituals (Storyville)
Various unknown Artists: Nobody Knows My Name (Lawrence Gellert)
Various - Texas Field Recordings 1934 – 1939 (Document) 
Mance Lipscomb: Captain, Captain And Other Songs
Buddy Moss Rediscovery 
Various - The Legacy of Tommy Johnson

Thanks go to the original uploaders

22nd of July: Gerard Herzhaft said...
I'm still looking desperately (!!) to the original versions of Robert Pete Williams'LP Those prison blues (Robert Pete Williams ‎– Those Prison Blues 77 Records ‎– 77 LA 12/17 or on Folk Lyric for there are several tracks which are not on the Arhoolie Lps or CDs of the same name.

23rd of July: Ballas said...
Does anyone have "Ridin' In The Moonlight" by Howlin' Wolf on Ace CH 52

23rd of July:"Jay from the North" says ". In other words, possible to please U/L vols. 1-8 & maybe any others AFTER Various - Shouters, Roots Of Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 9

25th of July: Steve Stelling said... Tarheel Slim - "Too Much Competition.
Thank you to "Real Blues" blog for the original rip

25th of July: Dayvk said... JB Lenoir. Alabama Blues and Down in Mississippi.
Thanks go to the original rippers

28th of July: Nappyrags said...
 "The Complete Candid Recordings: Otis Spann/Lightnin' Hopkins"
Thank you Bdad for filling the request so fast.

29th of July: kingpossum said...
Johnny Copeland's - Ain't Nothin' But a Party?

1st of August:  RootBear said...
 Frank Hovington - Gone With The Wind

2nd of August:  Bob Mac said..
Guitar Shorty ‎– On The Rampage (Olive Branch Records ‎– ER 5456)


Bob Mac said...

Does anyone have this? Someone requested it over in the HGR Basement, I don't have it and wouldn't mind a copy myself.

Guitar Shorty ‎– On The Rampage (Olive Branch Records ‎– ER 5456)

Bob Mac said...

@Steve Stelling. I have this Steve, listed in my collection under the title: Electric Blues - The Definitive Collection Pt 2 - VA (1954-1967) There are also Pt 1, Pt 3 & Pt 4. Only thing is I'm traveling at the moment and wont get home to my collection & backups for another 3 weeks. So if nobody posts it for you in the meantime I'll do so later this month.

BDaD said...

@Steve Stelling
V._A._-_Plug It In! Turn It Up! [Electric Blues - The Definitive Collection! Pt.2 1954-1967] (2011) [320].rar (NMR)

Steve Stelling said...

@BDaD, Wow thank you so much. What great music. What a great community!. I really appreciate it.
@Bob Mac. Thanks a lot for offering to post "Plug it in" BDaD posted a link with the volume I was missing. I have the CDs for Volume 1 and MP3s of Volume 3 so I'm in good shape. Maybe others would like it though. It's a choice slab of some of the best music ever made, IMO.

imnokid said...

I hope one day I click and see someone shared one of my rare LP requests!

Thanx for the hard work that you do.

Xyros said...

@ imnokid, they are very rare lp's except for the Gee Gee Shin lp. I almost bought it for the cover at $10 but put it off and now the seller has raised the price to $20. That will teach me to buy and not think about it.

Maple Blues said...

good day folks...
I guess this one is a long shot
Canadian band from the 70ies
6 Cylinders
self titled album
I used to have the LP of that in the days !1
thnks for any help here